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Is It Good? Grayson #6 Review

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Is It Good? Grayson #6 Review

Grayson was easily the best book that I read in 2014, garnering my pick for Best Comic of the Year.

So with the new year ahead of us and newest issue out, can the title keep the good times rolling? Let’s find out in this new adventure: Is it good?

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Grayson #6 (DC Comics)


As Dick and Helena arrive at a mysterious island compound they are shocked to discover most of the guards and people have been attacked and killed. You see, the place has another Paragon body part, this time the brain, and it’s completely missing. There is a survivor, someone from the Fist of Cain, who may provide an answer as to what happened and where the brain is. However, Midnighter is also there and he has plans for Grayson after everything that has happened between the two…

Well, that’s a little unnerving.

After a series of one-shot tales and storylines/subplots brewing in the background, this is where things finally start heating up for the comic. Not to say that any of the previous issues were bad (not even remotely), but this is where it feels like all of that buildup we have been having is starting to come to a head. We finally get an idea of what the Paragon body parts were for, we get some new conflict with the Fist of Cain, the buildup to the big confrontation between Dick and Midnighter culminates, and we even get surprising bits with a look at Mr. Minos’ past and even the true higher ups of Spyral. Plus, this issue isn’t a simple done in one. Everything that has been building is finally getting pay off here and it is fantastic.

The writing by Tom King and Tim Seeley is excellent as usual. The characterization is very strong and well handled, with each character getting a chance to shine; even figures like Mr. Minos, again, get some time and with all the mystery surrounding him, I hope we learn even more soon. The dialogue is enjoyable and there are plenty of good lines throughout the book. The only off thing about the dialogue is that the characters seem to be speak an egregious amount between punches and the blows they take, but that’s really it (and that’s comic books for you). The pacing is solid, the story is structured well, and every scene feels important. Well, except for the Killer Whale that looked like it stepped out of Junji Ito’s Gyo, but it at least led for a funny moment.

Oh crap! Land shark!

Finally, we come to Mikel Janin’s artwork and it looks amazing like usual. The characters, the scenery, the coloring, and the line work all look great. However, what I found the most impressive here is with some of the creative imagery and how the action is handled. The fight scene layouts are very easy to follow and flow very well, allowing you to really take in the action and feel how much power/oomph there is with every punch thrown. The more elaborate and creativity imagery really draws your eye to pore over every detail, in particular the look and design of Spyder. It’s just so eerie and mysterious looking that the image just stays with you, even though you only see Spyder for one page out of the book. Just great stuff like you would expect to find from this book.

Is It Good?

Grayson #6 is great, really diving into the story and providing a bunch of payoff for storylines and subplots that have developed so far. This issue provides some great writing, character, and artwork — all of which you have come to expect from this book. I have a feeling the first real arc will be coming to a close very soon and with how everything has been building, it will be incredible.

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