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Is It Good? Amazing Spider-Man #13 Review

We’re almost at the end of the Spider-Verse storyline and last issue ended with a very living Uncle Ben.

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What does that mean for Spidey? Is it good?

Amazing Spider-Man #13 (Marvel Comics)

For anyone reading the tie-ins steer clear of this issue before reading Scarlet Spiders #3 as that is heavily spoiled here right in the first two pages. The last issue ended with the majority of the Spider totems heading to Earth 3145, which is radioactive and contains a bunker holding a version of Uncle Ben. The issue picks up on Loomworld, as we get to see Solus and his first actions after stealing Benjy AKA May Parker’s little brother AKA the Scion.

But then what will you eat?!

Dan Slott writes a rather solid issue here which is largely due to some fantastic dialogue between a number of different characters on different subjects. At one point Spider-Man India has a moment of doubt about his purpose when he feels very sure of the fact that the 616 Peter is the one and only true Spider-Man. Spider-Man UK steps in to assure him they are all real and not expendable. It’s a nice moment that strengthens the idea that these characters are all important. It’s needed considering how Slott has killed off so many of them so when they do start to drop off like flies next issue it’ll be more impactful.

There’s a bit of action, but it’s only to bring in more dialogue moments and events in another issue. Some might be a bit disappointed with this issue as it is mostly setting up the finale, but due to these interesting moments of dialogue it stands alone. Sure hearing a speech on why Uncle Ben can’t quit isn’t as exciting as a full action sequence, but it’s a testament to the writing considering the scene is empowering and still entertaining.

Why didn’t you go in the first place? Terrible parenting.

This is my favorite art by Giuseppe Camuncoli so far in the event, maybe because he has less to deal with in these scenes. Everything flows incredibly well, which is a testament to Camuncoli, considering how much dialogue there is; really the only areas that are a little jarring are the Scarlet Spider moments, but that’s more due to them being pigeonholed in for those not reading the tie-in. There is a bit of a crime that occurs on the last page, but that’s because we’re given what seems like the 50th Do the Right Stuff shot of the Spider totems in this series. We get it, they’re on a mission and there’s a bunch of them, draw it differently!

Cool shot!

Is It Good?

A good issue that moves the plot along with a few compelling conversations thrown in to keep things interesting. Can’t wait for the last issue!


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