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Is It Good? Hinterkind #15 Review

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Is It Good? Hinterkind #15 Review

After two flashback issues, it’s time to get back to the main story of Hinterkind. Now I did like seeing how the Hinterkind came to take over everything, but I have been rather excited about getting back to the present.

Is it good?

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Hinterkind #15 (Vertigo Comics)


Out in Northern Califorina, a group of Sidhe discover a dangerous sight marching towards their kingdom: a gigantic army of Skinlings led by their queen, Psamira, and it’s destroying everything in its way. Meanwhile, we check in with Asa and his team as they figure out what to do while Prosper and Prince Parsifal arrive at the kingdom themselves.


I must admit, I’m rather happy with how things are progressing and turning out here. The story picks up from where issue #12 left off and honestly, it does a good job at following up on everything. We catch up with all of the characters and the storyline continues pushing forward, tying the majority of the storylines and subplots into one big story involving the coming Skinling army. That’s great, since it will help focus the story more and not have it jump between several story bits. Ultimately, while the story does feel like it is just setting things up at this point, I’m quite interested in where the comic will be going from here.

Ian Edginton’s writing is pretty solid and continues to show improvement. The pacing and story structure are on the book are very good, as Edginton is able to balance many storylines at once without making the comic feeling bloated or cramped at any point. The dialogue is pretty decent and there are some great lines. The characterization feels much stronger in this issue than in the past, helping to develop some characters and even showing some growth (like the blue monster in Asa’s group, though I wish they say his name more often). Sure, not everyone gets some development or a moment, but I’m pleased that it feels like the cast is developing on some level here.


There are only two weak points in the book when it comes to the writing. The first part is with the passage of time and distance. What I mean by that is that the comic opens with one of the Rangers discovering the Skinling Army and them getting attacked. One guy survives and walks all the way back to the kingdom, wounded, to tell them about the approaching army and somehow makes it back around nighttime. How the advancing army didn’t catch up with him and how they aren’t already at the kingdom (as it appears it isn’t that far of a distance), raises many questions. Second is the ending itself, where it is revealed to the characters that the army is approaching. However, it seems like it is supposed to be shocking on some level, which to the characters, it might be. But for the audience that already knows that, it is basically just reiterating information we already know.

The artwork is… well the artwork for this series. It does the job it needs to well enough, with depicting the characters, drawing the layouts, and putting in some decent action and locations when needed to. However, it’s still rather dull and forgettable looking. Also, there was one bit that looked rather off where a character is supposed to look dead, but really looks still alive and is crying because of a wound he got to the eye. Not much else to say.

Is It Good?

Hinterkind #15 gets the comic back on track with the main story and the series is starting to get more interesting as time goes on. The writing and characterization feel more improved now than ever before, and the story really feels like it’s picking up and going somewhere interesting. I have high hopes for this new arc, so I hope it doesn’t let me down as we get further into it.

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