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Is It Good? Resurrectionists #5 Review

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Is It Good? Resurrectionists #5 Review

The Resurrectionists are slowly coming together, but Lennox has set a trap to thwart their newfound resistance. Will they succeed? Is it good?

Resurrectionists #5 (Dark Horse Comics)


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Fred Van Lente decides to take a step back from Jericho, Mac, and the Scout and focuses the majority of this fifth installment on Maya and Jericho’s ex-wife, Adele. It is refreshing and details a different perspective on the role of the Resurrectionists we have not seen yet.

Outside of the focus on Maya and Adele’s relationship and character building, Van Lente returns to the foundation of the story where the Resurrectionists are focused on performing a heist 3,000 years in the making. But before they can undertake this heist, they must first unite themselves by performing a caper that would have Danny Ocean beaming with pride.


Van Lente is able to effectively weave these threads together into a very compelling storyline filled with suspense, mystery, and a gamut of emotions from fear to love. He continues to world build describing those who are non-Resurrectionists and their interactions within the universe. He even introduces a bit of political intrigue in the biggest plot twist of the series so far that will have your jaw firmly resting on the floor.

The dialogue Van Lente uses is true to the characters. None of it feels forced or out of place. Conversational dialogue sounds and reads like a conversation between lovers or Lennox’s enforcers. There is no unnecessary exposition. The dialogue also helps characterize Adele and Maya. You are able to get a better sense of the type of characters they are, whether curious or cautious, and how they evolve once they have become unlocked and take on some of the personality traits of their past lives. The dialogue is even able to characterize Lennox’s hired guns by detailing their thuggish and speech-impaired nature.


Maurizio Rosenzweig’s artwork is once again top notch. I can’t say enough about how gorgeous the pages are when the Resurrectionists are being unlocked or when they are activating a skill they used in a past life. He is able to capture different time frames’ wardrobes and styles effectively from ancient Egypt to Renaissance Europe and post-Industrial Revolution 20th century. Moreno Dinisio’s colors give these scenes an extremely powerful effect using differing shades of red, orange, and yellow in the background of the pages to have the characters jump off the page, but also give them a god-like, mythical feel.

Rosenzweig’s action sequences continue to be dynamic, incorporating past lives’ skills into present-day actions in a very fluid manner. The action sequences place certain characters in imminent danger, and you are able to feel their fear while simultaneously cheering them on hoping they will come out the victor. There are even some nice Easter eggs hidden throughout if one has a trained eye.

Is It Good?

Resurrectionists #5 pushes the story ahead while dropping major plot twists and exploring the characters of Adele and Maya. Fred Van Lente and Maurizio Rosenzweig deliver an excellent mix of action, suspense, mystery, love, and betrayal. If you aren’t reading Resurrectionists yet, you really should be!

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