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Is It Good? Outcast #7 Review

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Is It Good? Outcast #7 Review

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Outcast and the wait has been a trying one. Outcast felt like it was really picking up with last issue, so I’m hoping it can keep the excitement going.

Is it good?

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Outcast #7 (Image Comics)


I’m going to forgo the usual opening summary about the comic and just get straight to the point: Outcast #7 is a slow although eventful issue. It’s eventful since we are checking in on a lot of previous plot points and characters from the past six issues and there are some new directions for both the series and cast to go in from this point on. The overall narrative is intriguing and I’m curious to see where Kirkman will be taking us. The slow part? Despite the setup, there were no real major revelations or big events happening in the issue (besides one, but we’ll discuss that soon). It’s another issue where the characters are just talking to one another and reflecting on things that they did recently or in the past. None of this is bad, but after a small break, this isn’t exactly the best way to get the ball rolling once more.

One point of the story that is worth discussing is the only real revelation that we learned this issue; hinted at a couple of issues ago, we confirm that Donnie did in fact rape Megan in this issue. This plot point of using rape has always been something I’ve been iffy on, since that is a very touchy and tricky subject to handle and one a story can easily mess up in many different ways (Cross Ange, Identity Crisis, Saga, etc.). The inclusion is usually for shock value and sometimes it’s really handled badly afterwards (as in the story doesn’t focus that much on the victim’s reaction but everyone else’s). With Outcast, the topic seems to be handled better or at least not used for shock value alone at this point, though it seems rather pointless other than to make Megan’s past darker than it needs to be. We’ll wait and see if this plot point is handled tastefully and respectfully, because it could sour some people’s opinions on the series.

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Besides that, the writing is pretty solid on the book regardless. The characterization is still great and well done and the dialogue was strong and felt very natural (Megan and Allison’s scene together was especially good). The pacing is slow, but it does continue to do a decent job with building tension and keeping you invested in what is happening. Unfortunately, there’s nothing particularly scary or frightening going on in this issue, which is disappointing since it would be nice to get some more scares or creepiness going after the break we had.

The artwork on the book by Paul Azaceta still looks very good. The characters look varied, interesting and are full of expression and the coloring is nice and moody in the right areas. There’s not much to say about the artwork, but regardless, it’s still a fine looking book in the end.


Is It Good?

Outcast #7 is a good return for the book, though it could have been a bit better. While the story seems to be heading an interesting direction and the writing/artwork are all very good, the comic still feels rather slow going and after a break, it wasn’t the most exciting way to return. Still, the book is very much worth your time if you have been enjoying it and (if you’re anything like me) look forward to where the comic will be going from here.

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