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Is It Good? Army of Darkness #5 Review

The final issue of the Ash in space extravaganza is here and I must say it has been one of the better story arcs for this character that I’ve ever read. Can Army of Darkness #5 take it home and more importantly — is it good?

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Army of Darkness #5 (Dynamite Entertainment)

If you’re just joining us you’re silly. Seriously, why are you reading the 5th and final issue of a five issue story arc. Go buy the first four, I’ve already said they were good, and then meet me back here. Okay, you read those? Good. So you’re caught up. (For you lazy people that don’t like to follow directions this is where we’re at: Ash followed a Deadite onto a space shuttle because they’re never up to any good. The plan was to transmit evil joojoo via television and turn the planet into Deadite slaves. Ash thwarted the bad guy over and over, sometimes fighting his own robot hand, and other times simply going Ripley from Aliens on their ass with a mech. The space station Ash landed on is now going terminal and Ash needs to make an escape while also grabbing the book of the dead which is floating around in outer space.)

That’s pretty funny.

It’s a safe bet that Cullen Bunn knows how to write action. So far this series has been a fun ride for any action aficionado. The plot is clear, the characters get plenty of one liners and it’s never boring. This issue delivers in all kinds of ways, from the fun opening envisioning what will happen on Earth if Ash fails to Ash fighting his arch nemesis in a space suit. The story even ends with a killer cliffhanger that’ll make you crave more. There’s also a very good balance between story progression and fun action elements so you’ll never be bored.

I will say this though, the action could have been even bigger. Sure, we can’t rate a book on could haves and should haves, but I was a bit surprised Ash didn’t go toe to toe with the scorpion satellite and instead battled his foil instead. The action was good and tense, but something about the final climax didn’t feel big enough.

Sweet “if the bad guys win” foreshadowing!

The art by Larry Watts continues to impress as well. We get a glorious one page spread of his evil satellite that could be traded out as a poster. The opening “what if” segment showing what would happen if the Deadites win was also really well done. There’s plenty of detail to oggle on each panel complete with a very cool digital looking edge to the panels which also deserves a mention of Aikau Oliva’s fantastic color. The stories progression is in part due to Watt’s well laid out layouts which tell the story with great pace. You never feel lost in the action nor wishing you could see at a different angle. Essentially the “camera” well placed and well used.

Awesome monster!

Is It Good?

“Ash in Space” has been an action packed blast that has been fun, exciting and exhilarating on all counts.


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