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Is It Good? Convergence: Wonder Woman #1 Review

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Is It Good? Convergence: Wonder Woman #1 Review

With its original series on the rocks, Convergence: Wonder Woman #1 hopes to breathe some fresh air into the character and add the title to the list of truly-well written cross-over Convergence issues. The issue depicts Diana, Etta, and Trevor from Crisis of Infinite Worlds take on cults and vampires as society attempts to deal with life under the dome.

So is it good?

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Convergence: Wonder Woman #1 (DC Comics)


Diana and Steve Trevor appear to be a healthy couple who are trying to adapt to the Dome lifestyle and all the trials it presents. Trevor works as a government official, Diana as a caregiver with her assistant Etta Candy. The two go to work only to be interrupted hours later by the opening of the Dome and the beginning of the Telos tournament. Diana however gets caught up by a newly formed cult of religious zealots that label Diana as a blasphemer when she questions the nature of the church. Trevor rushes to find Diana only to discover the champions from the opponent city of Earth 43 (AKA the Vampire Earth).

I’m not familiar with Hama as the writer, but I definitely enjoyed his interpretation of Wonder Woman; it’s reminiscent of the ’80s style comic which this Diana originates from. If you’re been keeping up with the Finch run, this Wonder Woman issue should stand apart in terms of storyline sequence and Diana as character. It’s refreshing to see Diana as such a strong individual, something Meredith Finch has been somewhat struggling with. Even when she doesn’t possess her powers in the beginning of the issue, she still demands respect and opening speaks her mind.


I also enjoyed seeing Steve Trevor as Diana’s romantic interest. Hama does a great job with the couple’s chemistry and almost makes you wish you could see them paired up more often. Middleton’s artistic style is a bit different from the majority of artists we’ve seen during Convergence. His art is quite simplistic and very clean. It’s different, but I enjoy it, especially the first couple pages which give off a very noir vibe. The depictions of Catwoman, Ivy, and Joker are also very cool.

This is definitely an introductory issue. There isn’t much action and it’s one of the more reader friendly crossovers I’ve read so if you’ve been keeping up with Convergence then it may seem a bit repetitive. Just as things start to heat up the issue is over so while it definitely sets the second issue up perfectly, this first one is a bit lackluster. When it comes to the writing for the vampires I’m on the fence. While they’re depictions are on point, their dialogue isn’t anything special. Rather than a few words from a thesaurus, there’s nothing inherently unique about them linguistically.

Is It Good?

Convergence: Wonder Woman is definitely a cross-over that you need to pick up. Whether you’re a fan of the Steve and Diana couple (which I call Steana), Hama does a quality job at depicting the strong feminine hero, strength being something she’s lacked lately in New 52. Diana has one of the coolest world matchups that we’ll see from these crossovers and while ¾ of the issue is a bit slow, the second issue is set up to make up for that and more.

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