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Is It Good? Ivar, Timewalker #5 Review

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Is It Good? Ivar, Timewalker #5 Review

Ivar is back with the second story arc of the series. With Ivar’s attempt to protect and warn Neela about her future completely failing, it’s now up to him to save Dr. Sethi from herself. Is the introduction to this new storyline good?

Ivar, Timewalker #5 (Valiant Entertainment)


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Breaking History Part 1 kicks off the series with a drastically new direction. In fact the first few pages don’t look like the same comic at all, featuring a galactic assault on Oblivi-1. We have two main storylines now that our characters have disbanded; we have Neela working alongside cyborg Neela who are onboard Oblibi-1 in the future. Meanwhile, Ivar is collecting individuals who will assist him in rescuing Neela from her future self and ultimately saving the structure of time and space itself. There are a number of references to events taken place in the last few issues so I pity those new readers who are attempting to jump on now.

Issue #5 is a return to the basics for the series, action blended with comedic topical references. This issue is a healthy mix of background information, plot progression, more fighting than we’ve previously seen, and more of the charming and witty Ivar as opposed to the mopey one we saw in the last few issues. In this “Let’s get the band back together again” type of issue, readers are exposed to multiple timelines and while it still would have been entertaining regardless, Van Lente has an uncanny ability to tie everything together and make the issue that much more enjoyable and thought provoking.


Something I didn’t enjoy however is the relationship between our two main characters. I don’t understand the necessity for a love connection between Ivar and Neela and I think it takes away from the overall quality of the storyline. The series is great because of its scientific depth and can categorized as “a thinker” so a superficial love connection between the characters seems a bit superfluous to the comic and could have easily been represented as just a friendship. Before this issue their feelings were never discussed, but now in this issue alone it’s brought up multiple times. I don’t like the idea of it, but we’ll see how it plays out.


This issue is also the debut of the series’ new artist, Francis Portela, who has been a part of both DC’s Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps. I definitely enjoyed Clayton Henry’s art, but Portela is able to impress with the amount of detail he puts into the faces and some of the larger environment shots. The art is on point and this issue in particular has a lot of great panels that the art-lovers can appreciate it.

Is It Good?

Ivar, Timewalker #5 is a promising start to a new story arc, but it doesn’t appear to be that accessible to those who haven’t read the first four issue. Despite it not being the best jumping on point, it does serve as a well written, succinct issue that should make any reader excited for the new direction.

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