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Is It Good? Wonder Woman #41 Review

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Is It Good? Wonder Woman #41 Review

So this is it! Wonder Woman is getting a wardrobe change and the Finches are kicking off their second story arc for the series. So is it good?

Wonder Woman #41 (DC Comics)

Is It Good? Wonder Woman #41 Review

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While Diana’s look has changed and is receiving all the hype, the costume isn’t the most exciting thing about this issue. It’s the direction of the storyline. This issue takes a trip to Mount Olympus and we get to catch up with a lot of Gods we haven’t seen since Azarello’s run. Checking in on Donna Troy post-imprisonment, Diana gets the opportunity to visit characters such as Zola, Baby Zeke (who’s now a toddler), Hera, and Hephaestus. Later in the issue we also get the premise of the new arc as a young man sets his eyes on assuming the mantle of the new God of War through the help of a mysterious magical being.

Is It Good? Wonder Woman #41 Review

This issue is a huge step in the right direction. I’ve been very hard on the Finches since they’ve assumed the series, but it’s due to the fact that Azarello and Chiang left some pretty big shoes to fill. While Meredith is attempting to put her own stamp on the character with the new appearance, she’s still committing to acknowledge previous storylines developed in the previous run. If it isn’t broken don’t fix it; we’ll try to forget about everything besides Donna Troy’s introduction from the last volume.

Speaking of, I’m glad that as of now they haven’t completely dropped the Donna storyline. For all the hype of her character joining the series, it was looking as though the Finches may wipe their hands of Donna at the finale of last issue, but this issue confirms she’s still present. Now whether or not she’ll eventually make her way into good graces and assume some form of Wonder Girl figure, I don’t see it in the near future, but at least she’s still in the picture.

Is It Good? Wonder Woman #41 Review

Meredith’s writing is improving and I think she’s growing accustomed to the series after a handful of issues in. This issue proves that she’s still dedicated to the incorporation of Greek mythos that Azarello laid out before and that’s definitely a good sign. It’s also nice to see David’s portrayal of the characters compared to Chiang. Both of them are very good, vastly different styles. However, when it comes to the last page, David’s art falters. It’s obvious Finch has never drawn a Pegasus before and if so he’s out of practice. It looks pretty rough compared to his other images throughout the issue.

As for the costume which we’ve all seen already, it looks pretty cool. While it’s no “#600”, it’s a more modest costume with some functioning armor that we learn is designed by Hephaestus. The full body suit looks even better in some of the action shots later in the issue and Finch does a great job with handling the new look.

Is It Good?

Finch gives us a great start to the new arc. It’s a fresh look and an intriguing premise that incorporates some of the older characters we haven’t seen in Wonder Woman’s title series since before the Finches took over. While I wasn’t a big fan of the last volume, this one is looking much more promising.

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