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Is It Good? Cyborg #1 Review

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Is It Good? Cyborg #1 Review

It took long enough, but the last founding member of the Justice League has finally gotten his own solo series: Cyborg.

Can the creative team of David F. Walker and high profile artist Ivan Reis show us that last isn’t least? Is it good?

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Cyborg #1 (DC Comics)


While a war rages in some distant galaxy, back on Earth Cyborg visits his father at S.T.A.R. Labs, seeking advice. A few days ago, Cyborg had actually died and came back to life, his body morphing into something more humanlike. Something is going on with our hero, but what exactly?

Also daddy issues. Plenty of those as well.

The first issue of Cyborg is a pretty standard beginning; there’s not much beyond some basic setup and the execution leaves a bit to be desired. For instance, when a character brings up that Cyborg’s mother has passed away, it comes across as contrived and out of place since the character is mentioning it to people that already know about her passing. One of the bigger points in Cyborg #1’s narrative is that there are problems between Cyborg and his dad; mostly that the father ignores him in favor of his job. It’s a point that is repeated and hammered home at least three to four times throughout the comic, with the characters often thinking or explaining the fact. I don’t mind a character bringing it up once, but perhaps it would have been better to let the comic show this happening instead of explaining it every single time.

Outside of those awkward areas, the writing by David Walker is decent for the most part. Cyborg is himself is characterized fairly well, coming across as very likeable and sympathetic. The supporting cast is good so far and everyone who seems important has their own distinct personality. The dialogue and narration can be heavy handed at points, especially when beating in the idea of daddy issues, but there are some decent exchanges and interactions here (especially towards the end that I rather liked). There’s a tiny bit of humor here and there that’s alright and not out of place. Sadly, the weakest part of the comic is that it lacks excitement. There’s some brief shots of the villains I presume fighting some people, but that’s really all there is. No really big moments that shock you with the plot or the characters, no big action piece, or even an intriguing cliffhanger to get you pumped for more. It honestly felt like the comic could have done with one big moment or something more exciting.

‘Tis but a scratch as you can see.

What isn’t lacking at all is the art by Ivan Reis. The man still draws absolutely gorgeous looking artwork with all the little details put into every image and line work that brings everything to life. The characters look great, all the sci-fi imagery and aspects are appropriately advanced-looking and eye-catchingly futuristic and the layouts are constructed well. Add in Joe Prado’s solid inking and Adriano Lucas’s vibrant colors and you have a stellar looking issue. Even if the writing is just okay, the artwork elevates the comic a lot.

Is It Good?

Cyborg #1 is an average first issue, with some lackluster execution but amazing artwork. It’s not the best first issue for a new series or run that DC started in these past two months, but it’s not bad either. If you are a fan of the character, I recommend giving this first issue a shot. Otherwise, maybe hold off on it until there are few more issues to really see where this comic is heading.

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