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The Devilers #7 Review

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The Devilers #7 Review

It’s taken well over a year, but Devilers has just completed its story arc with the final, seventh issue. This was one of the first comics I reviewed for AIPT and it’s bittersweet that it’s finally ending, even though there were times I honestly forgot it even existed (that happens when seven issues are spread out over 18 months). So is it good?

The Devilers #7 (Dynamite Entertainment)


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I had to go back and read my older reviews to figure out what was going on in the series and eventually I just threw in the towel and read all six issues instead of trying to piece it together. For seven issues, this series has featured a lot of major plot changes and it seems like it would be better suited for a thirty issue graphic novel rather than a seven part storyline. There are so many aspects of the story that have been thrown to the wayside and I’ll tell you upfront they won’t all be resolved in this final issue either.

This final issue is split between two main plots, Malcom confronting God (whom he just finished urinating on) and the rest of the team back on Earth fighting the devil. What I was most worried about was that this series would end in the most predictable, cliché way with a happy ending, cheeky closing line, fade to black, roll the credits. What we get isn’t exactly what we predicted, but everything else is pretty spot on. I love Fialkov and his writing can be so good at times, but there just seems to be some disconnect with this series. While we still get some witty lines and some surprisingly thoughtful sentiments about the human condition, a large portion of the dialogue isn’t memorable and just serves as filler.

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However there was a noticeable improvement with the art. The series had a new colorist featured in the last issue which made the art much more coherent (Triano made a comment about it on my last review and the colorist change does improve the quality of the work).There are some major battle sequences depicted and Triano does well with the scale, but there are still some panels where the smoke or explosions make the image difficult to discern.

Is It Good?

The Devilers #7 marks the end of the current storyline, but leaves it open for future possibilities. Was it everything we could have asked for? No. But we got a thought-provoking talk with God and some action shots battling the devil and at the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want? No, actually. I wish there was a bit more.

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