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Star Wars #10 Review

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Star Wars #10 Review

We are getting ever closer to the new film, but fans of the classic stories can still read new stories over at Marvel Comics.

These stories are the real deal and the current headlining title has a focus on Luke attempting to get some real Jedi training post A New Hope; sounds cool, but is it good?

Star Wars #10 (Marvel Comics)

Star Wars #10 Review

Is it just me or is the Han Solo story dragging? It was big news that Han Solo was previously (or is he divorced) married as it changes the dynamic between he and Leia. Unfortunately for this series that’s still a plot point that nobody will clarify. Han, Leia and the “wife” are now trying to escape the Empire as they are hot on their tails. Meanwhile Luke is looking for the last Jedi temple but got his butt captured by a Hutt. Now he’s in gladiator type slavery and the only way out is to fight.

Why does this comic book matter?

Aside from the fact that this is one epic tale that fits right into the mythos you have to admit Jason Aaron is crafting some fantastic action sequences. He clearly gets the fact that this series isn’t just space opera but all about getting the characters into dicey situations. On top of this Marvel has thrown their best artists on the title to ensure the visuals match the epic storytelling.

Star Wars #10 Review
Don’t ever cross a Wookiee.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

First off Chewie and C-3PO go on an adventure together, just the two of them, and it’s great. If that’s not comedic gold I don’t know what is and it works very well here. Chewie is all about brute force and of course C-3PO only wants to talk his way out of problems. This leads to the two getting into some tricky situations as they attempt to find Luke on a pirate planet. After reading this issue you’re going to wish these two had their own comic together.

The Luke storyline heats up too and I have to say I was off base in my last review; I was expecting yet another gladiatorial storyline where the hero must fight for his freedom. We still might be getting that, but an interesting tutor of sorts works for the Hutt and there’s clearly more to this character than it seems. Dare I say Luke gets training from this dude? Regardless I think Luke will be getting his training via trial by fire and it’s exciting to see just how he’ll get himself out of this one since he’s not a trained Jedi yet.

Star Wars #10 Review
Fun teamup.

Once again the art is top notch from Stuart Immonen. He opens the comic with a fantastic shot of a Star Destroyer in pursuit of Solo and crew. Chewie looks amazing and Luke has some intense fight sequences that are really exciting. I’d like to say he saves the Leia/Han/Sana triangle with some tense moments, one which is brutal to watch Han endure, but…

It can’t be perfect can it?

Can we please get Han and his girl friends into a new story please? This has been dragging for way too long and is becoming frustrating. We get it, Han doesn’t think he was married, he’s upset Leia even thinks he was married, and Sana appears to be certain they are married. Stop teasing us and just resolve this!

Star Wars #10 Review
Please make this stop.

Is It Good?

The addition of Chewie and C-3PO increases the enjoyment factor of this little story plus the Luke storyline gets more interesting. If you aren’t reading this series you’re missing out on some key backstories!

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