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Limbo #1 Review

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Limbo #1 Review

Everyone is going to mention how many detective comics we have here, especially of the supernatural kind. From Gotham by Midnight to Hellblazer, there are a lot of them. I will in fact review this book for what it is though, so is it good?

Limbo #1 (Image Comics)

Limbo #1 Review

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This book has the sensibilities of the 80s with its color and tone combined with the noir nature of the 50’s. The main character is a P.I. who deals in the supernatural and lives in a world where you can eat lizards. Now that’s dandy.

Why does this comic book matter?

With any new creator-owned work out of Image these days comes the always likely chance you’re going to get a solid comic book. It’ll be original and it will be coming from writers and artists who care that much more about the title they’re working on. Safe to say every #1 out of Image these days is worth a shot.

Limbo #1 Review
Are they like chicken?

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

The art by Caspar Wijngaard is pretty marvelous. He uses a different style for a music scene that reminded me of Jamie McKelvie’s work on Phonogram, but a darker tone elsewhere in the book that’s reminiscent of Rob Guillory. Now that’s a good company to be with. Wijingaard lights up this comic beautifully and adds a great pop to the dark shadows throughout. This gives the supernatural and evil elements a bit of sway over everything in the darkness, but a visual that’s pleasing to the eyes elsewhere.

Dan Watters writes a solid script that’s well paced and balanced. I can’t say I know this protagonist very well by the issue’s end; he’s down on his luck with money, seems to have a chip on his shoulder and feels like a lot of characters in similar roles, but then there is a whole amnesia thing going on with him. This of course reminds me of Green Wake in a way, but it’s too early to say what skeletons he has in his closet. I don’t hate the character, but after one issue I’m still wondering who he is and will be. His sidekick of sorts, who gets an all too brief appearance, seems interesting but again there isn’t enough to go on here.

The bad guy however is fascinating, or at least his evil ties are. I don’t want to ruin it but it involves a goat and some technology that’s one part Poltergeist and another part Zombie 2. Though we don’t know much, the look and feel of this character is spot on.

It can’t be perfect, can it?

As I somewhat said before, the protagonist isn’t very fleshed out yet. I’m not really interested in him simply because he feels like a character I’ve seen before. It’s still early yet though, so we shall see.

I’m also a bit confused about when this story takes place. Is it some kind of future where we eat lizards? There are monsters of sorts and the world seems to be a bit of a wreck, so maybe it’s an alternate reality?

Limbo #1 Review
Nice closeup on the phone.

Is It Good?

Vivid and eye-popping art along with great pace makes Limbo #1 an entertaining read.

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