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Secret Wars #7 Review

The penultimate antepenultimate issue is here for the Marvel event that has overstayed its welcome.

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Part of me thinks this series would have been a huge success if not for delays and the new series popping up before it even ended. That said let us give this a fair shake. Is it good?

Secret Wars #7 (Marvel Comics)

Mr. Fantastic and The Maker (AKA Mr. Fantastic from the Ultimate universe) have got a plan. That plan isn’t quite obvious yet, but clearly this issue is postulating it involves every single area of Battleworld to attack Dr. Doom at once. Meanwhile there’s an uprising with a classic villain and Black Panther gets a rather awesome scene as he speaks to the dead.

I love how this book opens almost as if it’s historical.

Why does this comic book matter?

If you’re one of those people who hate comics that lack action you’re in for a treat this week. This issue is filled with action, surprises and the unending moment of villains cresting a hill to join in the fight. It’s epic plain and simple and it’s setting up what will be, most likely, the fall of Doom. Sounds rad!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

It’s fun to see the different sections of the world join the fray that is for sure. The low page count is certainly hurting how much time we’re given with each, but there’s plenty of beautiful splash pages by Ribic to enjoy here. While actual fighting is reduced to myriad characters running into each other Braveheart style, they remain entertaining nonetheless.

Jonathan Hickman nails a few key moments too. While I’d love to read a full book of Mr. Fantastic and The Maker talk amongst themselves it’s fun to see how they’re working with each other. This sequence sparks the next moment of glory with Black Panther and Namor and it’s a rally cry to fight like no other. I’ll leave it at that. It sparks memories of Aragorn and the ghost army from Return of the King.

Dr. Doom finally shows signs of fear and weakness which is nice too. He doesn’t get much play beyond observing here so it’ll be interesting to see him fight all these factions next issue. The most interesting aspect Hickman shows us though is Invisible Woman’s doubt of Doom. Meanwhile Mr. Sinister gets a lot of play here, more than most in fact, and I’m not too sure why. Maybe he factors into the final battle, or maybe it’s just Hickman playing with a character he likes. Either way he’s a chipper aspect to an all out war.

Ribic kills it with this issue. Flat out annihilates his work on the previous issues. The man doesn’t use a lot of panels to tell his story – probably why it’s low on choreographed fight sequences – but it’s always a joy to look at. One might argue his style is Biblical — it’s just that epic.


It can’t be perfect can it?

Once again if you’re not reading this series you will probably not care about the turn of events nor understand the purpose or meaning behind any of it. The opening pages give purpose to the prophet The Maker placed on the chessboard, but again it’s all too short to bare much meaning. In a lot of ways this series feels like it should have been told over a year or even two, but is reduced drastically to fit the Marvel schedule.

Doubt is a funny thing.

Is It Good?

This is more like it! Plenty of action and art that’s on scale to top anything you might call epic. Bottom line is it’s fun to see things coming together!


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