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The Mighty Thor #1 Review

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The Mighty Thor #1 Review

Dr. Jane Foster once again wields the mighty Mjolnir to become the Goddess of Thunder in The Mighty Thor #1.

A war that threatens both Asgard and the Ten Realms isn’t the only thing she’ll have to worry about though; “her greatest battle will be against a far more personal foe: the cancer that is killing her mortal form.”

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Is it good?

The Mighty Thor #1 (Marvel Comics)


Writer: Jason Aaron
Pencils: Russell Dauterman
Colors: Matthew Wilson

Aaron and Dauterman’s Thor was one the best series leading in to Secret Wars; the title was unique and mysterious thanks of course to a brand new lady Thor (whose identity was hidden, even to us readers) still learning the ropes as the new Asgardian Goddess of Thunder. Despite her failings, this new Thor had the strength and passion to push forward when it seemed like everyone was out to stop her. In the end it was reveled that Jane Foster was the person under the helmet and now this series continues following the events of the Secret Wars with Jane Foster still wielding the hammer.

The Mighty Thor #1 explores the many roles of protagonist Jane Foster. She’s a chemotherapy patient, a friend, a senator, Thor, an Avenger, and a “thief”. The narrative from Aaron gives Jane a powerful voice that permeates all her different roles. Jane never takes a break and whether as Thor or as Jane is constantly fighting in one way or another.

The issue moves at a pretty brisk pace to allow readers to see the many plot lines unfold and transfer over from the last series. Aaron never makes a scene or interaction feel wasted. Even secondary characters, like Heimdall or Volstagg, no matter how brief their appearances — feel crucial and natural to the story. Due to the amount of elements covered in this issue there is great range of tones crafted by the creative team. Aaron and Dauterman are able create a truly unsettling event in space and in the same issue tackle an honest and thoughtful conversation between Jane and Lady Freyja.


While this is labeled a number 1 for the most part it doesn’t feel like one. A lot of the issue is spent checking in with characters and conflicts from the previous series. Jane at times references previous events and some characters’ situations might lose some depth without the right context for some readers. That said, The Mighty Thor #1 does enough not to be alienating and the team does a good job trying to accommodate both new and old readers.

Dauterman set a high standard of excellence with his first run on the series. With the relaunch he picks up right where he left off. To say his work is gorgeous at times is an understatement. His pages are robust but never busy. He is able to bring a great deal of life and movement to everyone on the page. He varies up layouts, panel outlines and angles to actively engage the reader. Wilson’s colors shine and can bring an added glow and warmth to Dauterman’s art.

Is It Good?

Jane Foster is a different and layered Thor. The creative team in the issue examines what Thor is to Jane and what being Thor does to her. This is more than just the relationship between Jane’s cancer and being Thor but the spirit of Jane and the spirit of Thor. In the previous series we saw that Jane has such a reverence and honor in being Thor. Aaron’s Jane becomes Thor when she wields the hammer but she is not Thor. Thor becomes an extension of Jane—her fight and her values. She carries the name and hammer but in many ways she is the better version. If readers are looking for a comic that is more than just a superhero but an individual being a superhero, The Mighty Thor #1 is it.

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