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Ms. Marvel #1 Review

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Ms. Marvel #1 Review

Kamala Khan is back with a brand new #1 issue and a membership with the Avengers. “She’s toe to toe with the best of the best, but will being one of Earth’s mightiest heros be everything she imagined? Is being a celebrity hero as wonderful as Kamala has hoped?”

Is it good?

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Ms. Marvel #1 (Marvel Comics)


The Lowdown

Life is constantly changing for Kamala Khan. Since the near-end of the world, she has become an Avenger; her friends have changed and grown in different ways; her school has been rebuilt; and she’s become more of an icon than she could ever imagine. However, that fame and growth as a hero may have ended up causing some unforeseen circumstances.

The Yays

Ms. Marvel #1 is a direct continuation of where the series left off (Ms. Marvel #15) and it’s great for fans of the series. You get to see the next stage in Kamala’s growth as a character and hero as she deals with new personal issues and faces an unknown foe who is using a tactic that you don’t usually see villains utilize (which adds an interesting stake for Ms. Marvel). There’s development and characterization with other characters in the book (whether big or small) and even with the community where everyone lives as a whole. Ms. Marvel #1 issue paints a fully-realized, living, breathing world for the story to take place in more than most titles could even hope.

The writing is just as fantastic as before as G. Willow Wilson continues to bring excellent character work and impeccable timing. The dialogue and narration are among the most enjoyable aspects, with plenty of personality/quirkiness in the way each character talks. The humor is fun and livens things up even more, but also knows when to back off and let a scene or different mood develop.

Ms. Marvel, stop cheering and help those people fight that teenage mutant ninja rat!

The artwork is handled between both Takeshi Miyazawa and Adrian Alphona. Miyazawa draws the story taking place in the present, while Alphona handles the flashback at the end of the comic. Both artists are great and the transition between the two is perfect — slow and subtle changes in colors and scenery. Both artists do a terrific job drawing the characters and nailing down their expressions and emotion. The action is fluid and energetic in some scenes and complete chaos in others — but never difficult to follow or an eyesore. Overall, everything looks fantastic here and I just don’t have any complaints or nitpicks when it comes to the artwork.

The Nays

As good of an issue as it is, Ms. Marvel #1’s weakness is that it doesn’t fulfill the role of a #1 as well as it could. (Though the Marvel executives trotting out #1s all the time might be more to blame here than the writer.) Like stated before, this a direct continuation of the story from the last issue and the comic continues build off of what happened. It does it well, but the comic doesn’t act as a good introduction for people just jumping aboard now. It doesn’t explain who Kamala is, what she is like, what kind of history she has, the supporting characters, or anything like that. It gives small reminders for fans continuing the series of what has been going on, but nothing else. It’s rather disappointing honestly, since the comic does almost everything else right.

Is It Good?

Ms. Marvel #1, while not easily accessible to new readers, is a great continuation of the last series. The main character and cast are as enjoyable as ever, the writing is top-notch, and the artists put in some amazing work. Along with Vision, this is quite easily one of the best books of this relaunch/reboot/redo/reawakening that Marvel is doing and if you are a fan of the character, make sure to check it out (it’s worth the five dollars).

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