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Is It Good? Ms. Marvel #15 Review

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Is It Good? Ms. Marvel #15 Review

The solicit promises that issues #15 will see Ms. Marvel face her “most confusing challenge yet.” Is it good?

Ms. Marvel #15 (Marvel Comics)

Is It Good? Ms. Marvel #15 Review

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This issue brings to a close the small arc “Crushed.” Kamala has been kidnapped by her would-be love interest, Kamran, and has been brought before the Inhuman named Lineage, who wants her to join his side. What will happen? Well, you can probably guess what will happen. Story-wise, the issue is pretty predictable in how it actually plays out and where it ultimately goes with its ending. You automatically know what Kamala is going to choose, and you can guess that there’ll be a squareoff again with Kamran and she’ll win.

It’s a bit of shame honestly, but the plus side to this is that the story and characters remain entertaining regardless. Kamala’s narration is enjoyable to read as she reacts to everything happening, how she fights and defeats the bad guys are amusing (love how she quickly deals with her rematch against Kaboom), and the character bits with her and Bruno are amusing. That’s what matters here, even if the story was predictable, the execution was strong enough to overcome that problem. Also of note is that the comic ties into events going on in Soule’s Inhuman series. I’m not reading that, but luckily, you don’t need to understand what is happening in that book to get the gist of what is going on in this one.

Is It Good? Ms. Marvel #15 Review

G. Willow Wilson’s writing continues to remain strong on this title. The pacing is good and there’s no issue with story structure as it switches back and forth between Kamala and Bruno. The dialogue and narration are good and there’s an occasional amusing line. The characterization with Kamala and Bruno is good, but the villains feel a bit boring and not that compelling (I assume there’s a bit more depth to Lineage in the Inhuman book). Lastly, there’s a particularly interesting plot point dropped at the end of the issue that is intriguing and makes you curious about how it’ll play out in the future. I mean, we probably won’t see what it is for a while due to this comic getting dragged into Secret Wars, but that small reveal will hopefully stick with you.

As with the rest of the arc, Takeshi Miyazawa provides the artwork for the issue (the regular artist will be back in the next one). His work still looks very good, especially when it comes to the characters. Miyazawa really has an eye for when it comes to depicting character expression and body language. Everyone is so expressive and emotive in the book that even without dialogue balloons, you could still tell how a character is feeling in their current situation. Of course, the other parts of the artwork are really good, like the layouts and brief bits of action, but his character drawing is just exceptional here.

Is It Good?

Ms. Marvel #15 brings a close to this mini-arc and despite a predictable story, most other areas of the comic hold up rather well. The execution of the plot is good, the writing is strong, and the artwork is very nice. Next time, this series takes us directly into the events of Secret Wars. It’s a shame that this comic will be sidetracked for a company-wide event (especially since it managed to miss the last two thankfully), but maybe the comic will be able to make something of this. We’ll have to see when the time comes.

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