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Is It Good? Convergence #6 Review

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Is It Good? Convergence #6 Review

Another week, another Convergence. This time, though, the cities’ fates lie in the hands of Deimos. Telos has vanished and with the new rise to power, Deimos has brought more spectators to the event as all eyes turn towards Convergence. Is it good?

Convergence #6 (DC Comics)

Is It Good? Convergence #6 Review

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And with one issue, Convergence begins to claw its way back into the limelight. This issue definitely spikes the stakes and immediately grabs your attention, intoducing new players to the event as the planet tears its way into the multiverse. The tournament component of the event has now been eliminated and all that’s left is a war involving multiple versions of our favorite heroes and villians. This is what’s been missing throughout the series and it’s now been given new life by the hands of Lobdell (While that statement isn’t something I thought I’d never say, it’s definitely not something I thought was likely).

As it seems the event has been kickstarted between last issue and this week’s, this issue brings up a lot of new plot lines taking place. The planet itself is moving into the Multiverse, which has alerted entities such as the New 52 Justice League, Multiversity’s Superjudge, and even Darkseid himself (There’s something comforting in having our New 52 characters present again). Meanwhile, Deimos gives the planet an ultimatum of pledging loyalty to him or be vanquished. This sets in motion the forming of alliances amongst the warring cities which is now divided into a front between those willing to bend knee and those who are not.

Is It Good? Convergence #6 Review

It’s this aspect of the comic that I’ve been longing for and I’m so content now that it’s worked into the event. There’s a lot of entertaining exchanges between alternate versions of heroes such as Supermen and some Flash (Flashes?). There are a lot of different Earths involved so you can spend some time flipping through the pages and finding some of your favorite characters. The end of the issue culminates with the sides fully formed and Deimos unveils the heroes and villains that chose to side with himself, some of the notable ones are featured on the cover.

This is all I’ve wanted from this series and it took five issues to get it. We finally get to see worlds clash on a larger scale than featured in the solo titles. It seems as though Lobdell gave this issue some clear direction and it makes it easier on the reader to get on board. With Grayson pursuing Telos in this issue, it seems like the former villian still has a hand to play in the series. So far I haven’t been to fond of the character as a whole as both the magnitude of his powers and his morals have fluctuated, but there’s still time to impress.

Is It Good? Convergence #6 Review

Also, speaking of Grayson, I’ve been reading rumors that Grayson’s character development in this series is speculated to translate into him assuming the role of New 52s Batman role. I personally think this is ridiculous; while Snyder is pulling some bizarre stunts with the series, I don’t think he would go that far. I think it’s more realistic for Grayson to assume Thomas Wayne’s cowl once Convergence is settled in the upcoming series Earth 2: Society.

Is It Good?

Convergence is now firing on all cylinders. While there are still some areas that aren’t as strong, the writing and art alike have taken a huge step forward. If this trend continues into next week, Convergence may be able to make up for the first half of the event and redeem itself in the end. If you’ve dropped the series this is a good place to pick it back up.

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