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Silk #1 Review

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Silk #1 Review

Silk gets her second #1 issue this year, this time of the All-New All-Different variety. With so many spider-centric characters popping up you have to wonder if she deserves her own series, let alone two. Is it good?

Silk #1 (Marvel Comics)

Silk #1 Review

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The Lowdown

Silk’s got a promotion at Fact Channel and is making more money, she got her brother into a hospital to help treat him, and she’s been taking down the Goblin Nation one small group at a time. Things seem to be looking up for her… also, she’s gone bad.

The Yays

I approached this comic from a new reader perspective, since I’m not terribly familiar with her. With that in mind, Silk #1 is a strong first issue for new readers just jumping aboard now. It does an excellent job introducing her character and personality in the way she interacts with others to the types of things she has scattered around her apartment, making her likeable and charming. There’s the also the deal with her being bad now, but for those who are concerned, there are some extra layers to this situation (which I liked personally). So be sure to read the whole issue before judging it. The whole issue is setup, but it’s executed very well and provides you an entertaining lead, giving you everything you need to know to jump on in.

Robbie Thompson’s writing on the book is very good. Besides Silk, all of the characters introduced or shown so far are interesting and display some depth through their actions and words. Maybe the exceptions to that are her brother (who only appeared in one page so it’s understandable) and Black Cat (which is a whole other discussion entirely), but it’s not too bad. The pacing is just right, with a good balance of action, setup, and exposition. The dialogue is fun to read and the humor shown is amusing. Probably one of the comic’s bigger strengths, at least in this first issue, is how accessible it is for all ages. I read a lot of comics from DC, Marvel, Image, and other places, but it’s not often that I find a comic that feels good for a kid to read either due to how complicated the story is, too much text, or mature themes. Silk is a comic that feels like it hits that right balance of maturity and fun for any age to get into and enjoy.

Silk #1 Review

Stacey Lee provides the artwork and she does a terrific job here. She and the colorist, Ian Herring, provide a sort of cartoonish, colorful, and energetic style that really matches the tone of the comic and the personality of the character. The characters are drawn well, are very expressive, and never look awkwardly proportioned at any point in the comic. It always looks like the fighting packs a punch when a blow connects with someone. The panels and layouts are arranged well and everything is easy to follow and a good chunk of them actually have scenery in the background. Outside of points where it looks like a costume is giving a character a wedgie with how much it’s riding up their butt, the comic looks great overall.

The Nays

All things considered, this comic really doesn’t have any big problems and anything that could be wrong with it is either a non-issue or a nitpick. Again, the issue is primarily setup, there’s the occasional awkward line, and maybe the action isn’t as fluid as it can be, but those are minor and overall this is a great comic.

Is It Good?

Silk #1 is a strong first issue and accessible for newcomers. It has a likeable main character, a good introduction with a few surprises thrown in, solid writing and artwork, and feels great for anyone of almost any age. If you want to check out a great new series from Marvel or are looking for a good comic for your kid, this first issue is one to check out.

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