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Unfollow #2 Review

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Unfollow #2 Review

The first issue of Unfollow had a great premise and showed a potentially interesting cast of characters, but had very little else to offer. Not badly written, but not much story or events in general. However, now that the setup is done, let’s see what the second issue has to offer. Is it good?

Unfollow #2 (Vertigo Comics)

Unfollow #2 Review

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The Lowdown

Something is about to change for 140 people. The creator of this special app worth over 17 billion dollars is dying and is willing to give his fortune away to these 140 people. However, what exactly is the catch to this? …if that explanation sounds familiar to you, it’s because I used it for the first issue of Unfollow and it still pretty much sums up the story in this issue as well.

The Yays

Like last issue, the strongest thing the comic has going for it is the characterization. Everyone is written very well and feels very unique from one another. A bunch of the characters from the last issue get more focus as they start being whisked away to Salehi’s island, revealing some of the troubles (or lack of them in some cases) they have with leaving. Probably the person we gets the most insight into is Ravan, the BBC reporter in Iran, who has lost almost all hope in her life and maybe sees this money offering as a way back for her. While some of the things she says are kind of shallow (especially with the remark about babies), she’s shaping up to be one of the more interesting characters whenever the plot really kicks off.

Rob Williams’ writing and Mike Dowling’s artwork are still perfectly fine as well. The dialogue sounds right and not too unnatural, while the pacing and storytelling are quite acceptable. Everything moves at the right speed, with no scene dragging on for too long or being too short to fully capture a moment. The art, while occasionally having some issues with the body proportions due to the style and shading used, has no real problem with it. The layouts are exceptionally put together, the scenery and locations are drawn well, and the characters look decent in their appearance and with their expressions. It’s a style that may not work for everyone frankly, but it’s not bad either.

Unfollow #2 Review

The Nays

The biggest problem is exactly the same one it had in the first issue… not a lot is happening. We meet a new person and check in on three of the other characters who got selected for the 140. While we got development with their own personal stories (besides Deacon, who is shaping up to be a wildcard in the story from the looks of things), but the main story of what this dying billionaire has in store for the characters and what the big situation is barely got any focus or development. It still feels like we are setting things up and slowly creaking forward with the comic, making any horror and tension the comic could development rather tedious and boring. I appreciate a good slow burn, but this feels like too slow of one to have so early.

Is It Good?

Unfollow #2 that still has potential and is shaping up to have a well-rounded and diverse cast of characters that’ll be great to follow. It’s only problem is that it remains very uneventful and just not that exciting to get into. It’s moving too slowly this early on and it’s not providing the audience with a strong enough hook to keep them engaged. I want to recommend this title, since I see quality just below the surface, but I can’t at this moment. Maybe just wait a bit longer for more issues to come out.


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