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We Are Robin #7 Review

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We Are Robin #7 Review

We are right smack in the middle of Robin War. This time, we switch over to We Are Robin for the next part of the story. Is it good?

We Are Robin #7 (DC Comics)

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We Are Robin #7 Review

The Lowdown

The Court of Owls have made their move and locked up all of the Robins, with some dark plans in store. Meanwhile, Gordon and Grayson continue their investigation into Councilwoman Noctua to see what she is exactly planning. What will happen next?!

The Breakdown

Keeping this short and sweet, We Are Robin #7 is an okay issue. It’s not bad, but it leaves a lot to be desired after the previous issues. Story wise, it pushes the story just a little bit further (the main characters now know that Court of Owls and Noctua are in cahoots with each other for instance), but there’s not a whole lot of development. It’s a bit disappointing after the last part of the mini-event, where it seems like it was going to build up into something really big and eventful now that Court has made itself known. However, they really didn’t do much this issue and quite frankly, the thing they did do (trying to make Jason and Tim fight to the death, which led to the two freeing all of the Robins) was incredibly stupid and poorly thought out on their part. With little character growth or development, the whole issue felt disappointingly empty for most of the time.

On the writing front, Lee Bermejo does a decent job. The characters he usually writes sound all on point and right, but the established characters sound iffy in how they talk or have the wrong voice (most noticeable with Damian at times). The dialogue and narration are both okay and don’t sound all that stilted, though again, they sound off on some of the characters. The pacing and storytelling are both good and nothing feels awkward in how the scenes flow from panel to panel. The opening was pretty good and the cliffhanger is promising, which hopefully leads to some excitement and intensity in the next part of the story.

We Are Robin #7 Review

The art for this issue is brought to us by Carmine Di Giandomenico and it’s so-so on most fronts. His characters are drawn well enough and have normal body proportions, but his inking and overuse of lines in characters’ faces do not look very good. They sometimes look a lot older than what they should be, like with Duke and Damian in the cages. Carmine is good at constructing layouts and putting together nice, flowing action pieces, though the scenery and background feel barren and lacking in detail. Mat Lopes’ colors are perfectly fine and get the right mood in the panels, but the color scheme used for the “Cage” doesn’t look consistent with how it was colored in the last part of the event. It’s not the best artwork this particular series has had, but it’s not bad looking either.

Is It Good?

We Are Robin #7 is a slow, sadly disappointing bump in the middle of Robin War. Not a whole lot was accomplished in the issue outside of the ending and the writing and artwork weren’t as up to snuff as previous issues of the series or the event in general. If you are just reading the series and not interested in Robin War, you can safely skip it without missing a single thing. Otherwise, if you are here just for Robin War, keep your expectations low for this one.


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