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Black Canary #6 Review

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Black Canary #6 Review

After a long break, Black Canary is back and just in time to close out 2015. It’s been a wild ride from start to finish with lots of glam and style; how does Black Canary #6 wrap up the first arc?

Is it good?

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Black Canary #6 (DC Comics)


The Lowdown

It’s the battle of the bands with Black Canary going up against Bo Maeve for an ultimate showdown. Someone’s been manipulating Dinah’s band and trying desperately to get at Ditto, with everything apparently building up to this. How will this crazy event turn out in the end?

The Yays

As a finale to the first arc, Black Canary #6 is a lot of fun and a joy to read. The issue itself as a whole wraps up two storylines: the story with Ditto takes a few different turns throughout the issue and all of them are equally surprising. While vague in how exactly these twists worked (I assume we’ll learn more in the next arc), it does end up leaving the comic on an intriguing note that makes you wonder what will happen next or how it’ll play out in the future. The other storyline is the showdown between Dinah and Maeve in the battle of the bands, which provides the big highlight of the issue with a very flashy and energetic fight scene.

While Brenden Fletcher’s writing is perfectly fine, with good dialogue and strong pacing, the artwork shines even brighter. Annie Wu returns to the series and she is just absolutely amazing; Her layouts are fantastically constructed and rife with energy; the movement in the characters, the flashy style of the action and the clever juxtaposition used in panels (like when the bands face each other on the stage) all combine to make Black Canary #6 a visual force. Then you put in Lee Loughridge on colors and things look even better. The way he uses colors to depict the energy in the Canary Cry or how he contrasts the difference between both bands on stage is gorgeous and really makes each respective group stand out. Overall, amazing visuals and the perfect combination choice to complement the narrative.


The Nays

The issue felt lacking in the character department. While we learned a tiny bit more about Ditto (at least, the characters did) and Dinah continues to shine, everyone else fell to the wayside. The band didn’t really get to do much nor did they help fight alongside our lead in the climax (outside of one), which is a shame. After Dinah made a big deal about them training in the past, we didn’t get to see any of that here and this would have been a perfect opportunity for that. Maeve’s defeat was a bit unceremonious, with her feeling more like a means to an end for a different plot element. There’s potential for where this comic can go with her in the future, but after all that buildup with her, her storyline here felt anti-climactic.

Is It Good?

Black Canary #6 is a wonderful and surprising end to the series’ first arc. While maybe a tad too much flash and not enough substance in one or two areas, the comic was a lot of fun and leaves off on a rather exciting note for the future. Overall, while the scheduling wasn’t great for the book, this is easily one of the highlights of DC Comics’ DCYou line. Hopefully the next year is just as great for this title.


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