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Hearthstone: 'Elemental Sundering' - Ragnaros the Firelord


Hearthstone: ‘Elemental Sundering’ – Ragnaros the Firelord


The Elemental Sundering was one of the greatest battles ever fought between the Elemental Lords of Azeroth. It’s also the latest of my Hearthstone Tavern Brawl concepts.

Ragnaros the Firelord, Neptulon the Tidehunter, Al’Akir the Windlord, and Therazane the Stonemother all fought alongside their elemental armies in an attempt to become the dominant demigod of the Elemental Plane. In this Tavern Brawl, you play as one of the four Elemental Lords in an attempt to defeat your opponent. Whenever you start a match, one of the Elemental Lords is randomly selected for you to play as, and you are matched up against another Lord. Each Lord has their own specific deck full of powerful elementals and devastating spells. Without further ado, let’s take a look.

Ragnaros the Firelord


Ragnaros the Firelord was the Elemental Lord of Fire and had complete control over all of the Firelands. Wielding his war-hammer Sulfuras, he commanded all of the Fire Elementals in his domain and led his legion to conquer all of the Elemental Plane. In Hearthstone, its no doubt that Ragnaros is one of the most iconic characters in the game, whether it be his powerful card, hilarious hero transformation, representation in the Ragnaros vs. Nefarian Tavern Brawl, or the Blackrock Mountain Adventure.



You and I both already knew going into this that Ragnaros’ Hero Power had to be the iconic DIE INSECT! I mean, come on. Anyway, I’m sure that you’ll have a lot of fun clicking this button.

Lava Reaver


These guys are the main soldiers of Garr, the elemental lieutenant of Ragnaros’ army. Their pastimes include rumbling, smashing things, and throwing large boulders of heated brimstone at unwelcome adventurers. (2 per deck)



Volcanus is one of Ragnaros’ elite firelords, or elemental commanders. He was tasked by the Firelord to guard Dragonwrath, a powerful staff used by adventurers to conjure amazing spells. Though he failed, he is still a force to be reckoned with. (1 per deck)



When Ragnaros was assisting Deathwing in his plan to bring about the Hour of Twilight, he sent his army of elementals to siege Mount Hyjal and destroy the World Tree. During the fiery invasion, a green dragon named Alysra betrayed her allies and assisted the Firelord in his attack. As a reward, her body was cleansed of the impurity of flesh and she was reborn as a powerful fire hawk. (1 per deck)

Sulfuras’ Rage


When it was created, Ragnaros’ war-hammer Sulfuras was imbued with the magical property of always returning to its master’s side. Using his own special fire magic, the Firelord could increase the weapon’s power significantly, turning anyone struck by it to ash. (2 per deck)



One of Ragnaros’ four flamewaker captains, Lucifron is always trying to gain the favor of his master by corrupting unsuspecting adventurers and doing generally evil things. Overall, not such a nice guy if you ask me. He resides in the Molten Core of Blackrock Mountain, spending his days amassing a flamewaker army to take control of the mountain. (1 per deck)

Sulfuron Harbringer


Sulfuron Harbringer, herald of Ragnaros, answers only to the Firelord and Majordomo Executus himself. Commanding a legion of flamewakers in the Molten Core, Harbringer was assigned with the task of keeping track of the whereabouts of Shazzrah, another flamewaker commander, in order to prevent mutiny. (1 per deck)



Now normally, Ragnaros is in a constant state of anger. Even if you are trying to help him and succeed, he still yells at you. Now, take that anger and multiply it ten times over. Yeah, that’ll get pretty heated. (2 per deck)

Crackling Flameguard


The flameguard are the elite fire elementals handpicked by Baron Geddon in order to defeat any adventurers that might want to infiltrate the Molten Core. Don’t get on their bad sides, they’re pretty hot-headed. (2 per deck)



Garr is one of Ragnaros’ greatest lieutenants and served as an equal to Baron Geddon during the Elemental Sundering. Commanding the firesworn, he protects the Molten Core with his life. In addition, Garr was a valuable asset to the Firelord during the Fire Elemental invasion of Mount Hyjal. (1 per deck)

Magma Blast


Being the Lord of Fire has its perks. You can singe your enemies off of the face of the planet. You get an endless legion of infinitely loyal Fire Elementals at your control. You get a lot of holidays off work. Man, sleeping in is the best, isn’t it? (2 per deck)

Molten Guardian


FUN FACT: This was the first card that I designed for this Brawl. Yeah, this basically came about from me liking this piece of art in particular. Doesn’t it look really cool? I think it looks sweet. (2 per deck)



Sulfuras, the legendary weapon of Ragnaros, is a massive war-hammer etched from head to hilt in runes of unspeakable power. When they glow, they give the weapon the appearance of flowing lava. Mjölnir’s got nothing on this beast. (1 per deck)



Magmadar is the origin of all Core Hounds living in the Molten Core, and is the most favored among all of Ragnaros’ pets. Protected by a pack of its viscous offspring and kept track of by Lucifron, Magmadar tends to consume all adventurers who pass into the core of the Blackrock Mountain. (1 per deck)

Engulfing Flame


Filling the board with engulfing flames might be harder than you think. I mean Ragnaros is the Lord of Fire, and he still has to pay 6 mana to cast this spell. (2 per deck)



Of all of Ragnaros’ flamewaker captains, Shazzrah is by far the most powerful spellcaster. Being the suspect of treachery, Shazzrah has been denied his most powerful weapon, the Talisman of Elemental Binding, by the Firelord. The Talisman was split in two, with the pieces being protected by Baron Geddon and Garr respectively. (1 per deck)

Majordomo Staghelm


Formerly the Archdruid of Darnassus, Staghelm was corrupted by the Emerald Nightmare. Once Tyrande Whisperwind, High Priestess of Elune, discovered his treachery, he was captured and taken prisoner by the Night Elves. During a prison transport, however, he was able to escape as a result of the Fire Elemental siege on Mount Hyjal. He then supported the troops of Ragnaros and, in return, was transformed into a Druid of the Flame and became the Majordomo of the Firelands. (1 per deck)



Shannox is among the most dangerous and deadly flamewakers to ever serve the Firelord. Assigned as the caretaker of some of the most dangerous hell hounds in the Elemental Plane, Shannox instills fear into all who meet him. He’s more of a dog person, really. (1 per deck)



Master of shadow magic, Gehennas is feared and distrusted by his soldiers as a result of his unending brutality. Always surrounded by his two most loyal guards, Gehennas has been entrusted by Ragnaros to guard the Rune of Mohn, a rune which grants the Firelord some of his power. (1 per deck)

Baron Geddon


Among the eldest of all fire elementals, Baron Geddon served as Ragnaros’ righthand man from the very beginning. That is, until he was demoted after being forced to retreat from the armies of the Titans. Ragnaros is a very demanding boss. (1 per deck)

Majordomo Executus


Remember when I said Geddon was demoted? Guess who the guy who stole his position was? That’s right: This guy.

And you know what? HE DID HIS JOB WRONG TOO! Does “TOO SOON EXECUTUS!” ring a bell to you? Ragnaros needs to do better background checks on his employees. (1 per deck)

Flamewalker Elite


Executus’ most renowned foot soldiers. Their resumes include spell casting, melee combat, and telling jokes. They’re great at parties. (Token)



Guardian of the Firelands, Baleroc prefers his own twin Volcanospike blades whenever he enters combat. Driven mad by confinement in the Firelands, all elementals are sure to keep their distance in fear of being his next victim. (1 per deck)

Lord Rhyolith


Lord Rhyolith is one of the oldest Fire Elementals in existence. This magmatic titan creates fire elementals using powerful spells and still holds a grudge against the Titians for confining his race to the Elemental plane. (1 per deck)

The Firelands


One fourth of the Elemental Plane, the Fire Elementals were banished here by the Titans after admitting defeat to their forces. Once they were exiled, the Fire Elementals began amassing an army in the hopes that one day they could take revenge on the residence of Azeroth. (1 per deck)

Next Up: Neptulon the Tidehunter.

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