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Hearthstone: ‘Elemental Sundering’ – Neptulon the Tidehunter

Welcome to the second installment of the Hearthstone: Elemental Sundering Tavern Brawl concept. Last time around we took a look at the deck for Ragnaros the Firelord. Next up: Water elemental lord, Neptulon the Tidehunter.

Neptulon the Tidehunter



Neptulon the Tidehunter is the elemental lord of all water. Residing in the Abyssal Maw, he rules over his subjects with an iron (actually, it’s probably really rusty and corroded by now) fist. When the Naga invaded his territory, he began to lose control — a situation which worsened when Queen Azshara and Ozumat broke into the Throne of Tides and attacked him. Though the heroes defeated Ozumat, during its escape it kidnapped the demigod, and the two haven’t been seen since.

Lord of the Seas


In compensation for not having the ability to throw around massive balls of fiery death, Neptulon has the (more useful but slightly less awesome) power to both deal damage and heal himself.

King Gurboggle


Hmm… So many choices… ah, whatever. Click the prompts that appear on screen and see what you get. Judging by this guy’s facial expression, that’s what he would do. Oh, and yeah, since it’s Discover that means you can get cards from YOUR class (which in this case I guess is Tidehunter), so no Firelord cards for you. (1 per deck)

Glimmering Waters


It’s so pretty. And simple. And useful. I love it. (2 per deck)

Gilblin Cutthroat


It’s like a Fencing Coach, but more Gilblin-y. To be clear, this does not reset you Hero Power, only make it cost 0 next turn. No infinite cards for you. (2 per deck)

Naga Myrmidon


Make sure you pray to RNGsus every day. Unless you don’t. That’s cool too I don’t really care. Naga look really cool don’t they? It’s a shame that there aren’t more Naga cards in the base game already. (2 per deck)

Lord Slitherspear


“Ooo! I wonder what he’ll pick! I bet his choices are Tirion Fordring, Dr. Boom, and Ragnaros! Oh, this is gonna be great!”

*Hemet Nesingwary is added to your hand*


Aqueous Bolt


Either destroy a powerful enemy minion and gain some tempo or draw three cards and gain some tempo… Decisions decisions… (2 per deck)

Tidal Defender


Despite Neptulon being the ruler of all water elementals, this is one of only two water elemental cards in this entire deck. Funny how that works. Oh well. Anyway, in order to keep up with the super high damage outputs of the other decks, Tidal Defenders are kind of really important. Make good use of them. (2 per deck)

Faceless Watcher


It’s like a Faceless Manipulator, but better! In case you don’t know, the Faceless are like the army of the Old Gods. They are evil octopus foot soldiers of the Black Empire; their only purpose is to return Azeroth to the state of chaos and disarray that it was in before the Titans had brought peace to the world. Not very nice guys. (2 per deck)



The deep sea murlocs are a peculiar-looking type of creature. Besides their looks and the fact they reside in only the deepest of waters in Azeroth however, they are pretty much the exact same as normal murlocs. Still spooky though. (1 per deck)

Deep Sea Finblade


Don’t ask me how this murloc got control of that massive shark. That thing should be chomping that little fish man up like Chuck Noland with a pound of cooked bacon. The only difference is that the shark doesn’t have a volleyball. (2 per deck)

Daggertooth Alpha


Huh. Nevermind, I guess it did eat the murloc. (Token)




Heart of the Murlocs


To be fair, I designed this card BEFORE Anyfin Can Happen was unveiled. Notice the utter lack of any “Discover” mechanics in all of Ragnaros’ set. Also, this isn’t as nuts as you think considering the reason Anyfin Can Happen is played in constructed is because you can specifically include only the murlocs you want to be summoned in your deck. This one you could get seven Murloc Raiders if your unlucky enough. (2 per deck)

Lady Naz’jar


After earning Queen Azshara’s trust by assisting her in retaking Vashj’ir from the kvaldir, Lady Naz’jar was among the ranks during the naga siege on the Throne of Tides, when Azshara tried to take over the elemental plane of water by defeating Neptulon himself. In the aforementioned World of Warcraft Throne of Tides raid instance, she was the first boss that the heroes faced. (1 per deck)

Naga Sentinel


Naga are like a cross between snake people and squid people. Only much less friendly than both. (Token)

Lockmaw Crocolisk


It’s River Crocolisk’s big brother! I always knew that I’d find a way to use this art. (2 per deck)

Lady Vashj


It’s like Naga Sea Witch, but more silly and potentially damaging on both sides. On one hand, you could play this by coining it out turn 6 and your opponent would have a bad time. On the other hand, you play this on curve and your opponent drops a card that would have normally costed them 10 mana on turn 8, all thanks to you. (1 per deck)



Murloc at heart, giant in stature. This is pretty much exactly what you’d expect it to be. That’s right: SLIMY. (1 per deck)

Queen Azshara


Once the leader of the Highborne, a society of powerful spellcasting Night Elves, Azshara was corrupted by the Fallen Titan and leader of the Burning Legion, Sargeras. Eventually, she was defeated by Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage and banished to the depths of the sea alongside her Highborne brothers and sisters. There, they were corrupted further by the black depths until the naga were born.

P.S. In the art she is depicted in her Highborne form, not naga form. (1 per deck)



Immerseus is the physical embodiment of the Sha’s corruption of the Pools of Power in Pandaria. Once the Sha of Pride was released by the arrival of the Alliance and Horde in Pandaria, its sorrow spread across the land and animated various sites, causing destruction and misery. Immerseus is the result of this corruption reaching the Pools of Power. (1 per deck)



Fun Fact: Originally, the Hearthstone development team had planned for Ozumat to be the card that we currently know as Deathwing. Apparently, they originally tried to design the card specifically so that they could use the awesome art that came with it, but ultimately they couldn’t fit it in they way that they had hoped. (1 per deck)



RAWR (Token)

The Abyssal Maw


The second of the four elemental planes, the water elementals were banished here by the titans for causing too much chaos and destruction in the mortal realm of Azeroth. Here, the water elementals built up a sprawling submerge kingdom to live in so as to replace their lost home. (1 per deck)

Next Up: Al’Akir the Windlord.


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