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Hearthstone: 'Elemental Sundering' - Al'Akir the Windlord


Hearthstone: ‘Elemental Sundering’ – Al’Akir the Windlord

We’ve spotlighted Ragnaros the Firelord and Neptulon the Tidehunter

thus far in our Hearthstone: Elemental Sundering Tavern Brawl concept. Round three focuses on the deck for Al’Akir the Windlord:

Al’Akir the Windlord


The Lord of Air, Al’Akir has the honor of canonically being the weakest of the four Elemental Lords. To make up for this, he’s quite the powerhouse in this brawl. Jumping from the Shaman class’ first legendary minion to a full on Hero, this guy’s deck is centralized around buff synergies. Imagine Djinni of Zephyrs, and then create a deck with the mechanic. I hope you enjoy.

Hero Power: Elemental Storm


The ultimate button. Infinite guys = Infinite value. Trump would be proud.

Air Elemental


It’s basically a mini-Al’Akir. Yep. (Token)

Unbound Air Elemental


A minion which scales according to what point in the game it is. I think that a minion like this would have to be limited in any other format just so it doesn’t become ridiculous, but hey, this is Tavern Brawl! It’s for fun, not high level super-advanced strategies. (2 per deck)

Grand Vizier Ertan


Again, if you play it early its okay, but if you play it later you get an exclusive benefit. In case you’re wondering by the way, Grand Vizier Ertan is just a high level Air Elemental who protects the Vortex Pinnacle for her master, Asaad. (1 per deck)

Dark Pharoah


The Tol’vir are an ancient race of stone-cat people who, after succumbing to the Old Gods’ power, were afflicted with the Curse of Flesh and transformed into organic beings. The one pictured in this card is what the species looked like before the curse. (2 per deck)

Stormy Vortex


Does it make total sense that a minion would be able to attack more while inside of a massive vortex of lightning and wind? No. But then again, we’re not Elemental Lords either. Does the card art look really freaking cool? Heck yes. (2 per deck)

Tol’Vir Hoplite


Long after the Curse of Flesh had been afflicted to the Tol’vir, Deathwing and his accomplice Al’Akir visited the tol’vir home of Uldum. There the dragon offered the weakened race a deal: serve him and help him bring the Hour of Twilight to Azeroth, and he would restore them to their original, stone forms. Only the Neferset accepted. (2 per deck)

Djinni Bladespeaker


The djinn are an elite variety of air elemental who act as generals to the Windlord’s army. Protecting the Skywall, realm of the Windlord, from atop the massive spires, they are formidable foes to even the most skilled champions. (2 per deck)

Call of the Storms


If you really take a look at some of the stuff that Al’Akir has done, you start to see that he’s REALLY not that nice of a demigod. While he was working for Deathwing (which in and of itself is pretty bad), he went and buried an entire civilization of tol’vir who didn’t want to enslave themselves to the Destroyer’s will AND then afterward he took all of the survivors and tortured them with his lightning powers in preparation for another siege. Also he compared heroes to insects. Not cool. (2 per deck)

Djinni of Wishes


The wishes you get from this card are the same ones available during the Zinaar boss fight in the first wing of League of Explorers. Discover is such a great mechanic, I love it. (2 per deck)

Stormfury Revenant


To be clear, this minion is NOT immune to all attacks. Trading will still kill this thing. Damage dealing spells and Hero Powers though? Nope, those will heal this guy. (2 per deck)

Sun Raider Phaerix


Once Deathwing visited Uldum and made his offering of dominion alongside the Windlord, the Neferset, led by Dark Pharaoh Tekahn, agreed to this dark deal. When the Orsis and Ramkahen refused, Al’Akir and his forces destroyed the Orsis by burying their city beneath the sand using a massive windstorm. The Ramkahen, preparing after knowing the fate of the Orsis, were able to defend themselves and push back the Neferset. (1 per deck)



Besides acting as the Windord’s lieutenants, the Djinn are also notable for their strong magical abilities. When the Neferset tol’vir agreed to Deathwing’s offer and were granted a cure for the Curse of Flesh, it was actually the Djinn who were able to break the curse and return the cat-people to their original forms. (1 per deck)

Hagara the Stormbinder


Originally a normal student studying the arcane under Forsaken teachers, Hagara met a terrible fate due to her recklessness. She began her apprenticeship later in her life than most would typically, and as a result she thought herself more capable of handling the more powerful magics. When she tried to bind elementals to her will, however, she was ensnared by Al’Akir himself. Standing no chance against the demigod, Al’Akir twisted and corrupted her until she becamecommander of the Twilight’s Hammer, able to conjure Al’Akir’s serants and channel their energy in powerful lightning attacks. (1 per deck)

Dark Skies


Spoopy. (2 per deck)

Storm Dragon


These things are nowhere near as straightforward as you might think. The origin of the Storm Dragons is unknown, and they were not even known to exist before Deathwing’s restructuring of the world during Cataclysm. Even stranger, they don’t speak any language known to Azeroth, and might not even be sentient beings. According to recent discoveries by Brann Bronzebeard (yes that Brann Bronzebeard), the Storm Dragons might actually be ancestors of the modern definition of dragon. (2 per deck)



He might have been super forgettable lore-wise, but damn it, his name is awesome. Besides, Hearthstone doesn’t care about lore relevancy. Isn’t that right Dr. Boom? Also, “Ultra-Windfury” is ridiculous and won’t ever exist, but I love it anyway. (1 per deck)



Not much is known about Altairus besides rumors that he controlled the wind currents that billowed throughout the halls of the Skywall. He is so full of energy that lightning involuntarily crackles off of his wings, singing all mortals who approach him. (1 per deck)

Storm Giant


The Storm Giants, perhaps more so than any other race of Giant, suffered the most during the march of the Scourge on Azeroth. Led by King Gymer, they fought against the hordes of undead. Many became corrupted, however, and tribes of the race were slaughtered, their corpses used in flesh giant and abomination manufacturing. (2 per deck)



During the Elemental Sundering, while the Air Elementals and Fire Elementals were still allied against the other two armies, Thunderaan was a victim of Ragnaros’ treachery and backstabbing. During the battle, Prince Thunderaan fought alongside both of Ragnaros’ lieutenants, Garr and Baron Geddon. By Ragnaros’ orders, the two fire elementals cornered Thunderaan in the heat of battle and used the chaos as cover to strike the Windseeker down. Then, once he was struck down by Ragnaros himself using Sulfuras, his essence was absorbed by the Firelord. (1 per deck)



The legendary blade held by Thunderaan during the Elemental Sundering is one of the most sought after weapons in all of Azeroth. Infused with the power of the air elementals, it is said to give the user unimaginable speed and reflexes. (Token)

The Skywall


The Skywall was the Elemental Plane of Air to which the Air Elemetals were banished to following their defeat at the hands of the Titans. When the Elemental Plane and Azeroth crashed together during the Shattering, the Skywall appeared above the desert of Uldum. It is said that the higher towers of the realm are uninhabitable to mortals simply due to the strength and ferocity of the winds. (1 per deck)

Next Up: Therazane the Stonemother.

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