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Hearthstone: 'Elemental Sundering' - Therazane the Stonemother


Hearthstone: ‘Elemental Sundering’ – Therazane the Stonemother

We’ve taken a look at the decks for the other three Elemental Lords, Ragnaros the Firelord, Neptulon the Tidehunter and Al’Akir the Windlord. The last deck focuses on the remaining Elemental Lord (lady?), Therazane the Stonemother.

Therazane the Stonemother


The final Elemental Lord and the only female of the four, Therazane the Stonemother controls all Earth Elementals of Deepholm. Also very interesting is the fact she was the only one of the four Elemental Lords to actually oppose Deathwing in his attempt to bring about the Hour of Twilight, as him doing so would shatter the World Pillar and cause Deepholm to cave in and be buried, along with all of the Earth Elementals.

Hero Power: Stonemother


Notice how it trades evenly with Al’Akir’s Air Elementals, can absorb a ping from Neptulon’s Hero Power and can effectively soak up Ragnaros’ “DIE INSECT!” Therazane’s deck is built around soaking up as much damage as possible and making the opponent run out of steam.

Stone Elemental


You’d be surprised how little good Earth Elemental art there is that is similar to the Warcraft art style. Luckily I found a good amount for this project. (Token)

Trogg Stonestomper


Yeah, this is the same art as the one used in League of Explorers. That’s alright, Blizzard reuses art all of the time. Ram Wrangler’s art was taken from the tutorial and no one’s angry, so I think this fan-concept can be allowed to use one piece of art that isn’t even used for a constructed card. (2 per deck)

Earthen Guardian


Do you remember when I was talking about the Curse of Flesh back with the tol’vir cards from Al’Akir’s deck? Well, believe it or not, that’s actually where dwarves came from. After waking from a long hibernation in the halls of Uldaman, the Earthen found that the Old Gods’ presence in Azeroth had turned their bodies fleshy and their lives mortal. Venturing out of the old city’s halls and into the outside world, the race now called dwarves settled in a nearby mountain and established a kindgom known as Khaz Modan. (2 per deck)

Earth Revenant


Revenants are ghostly elemental creatures created by the Old Gods long ago in order to bring chaos to the world of Azeroth. Existing only to destroy and rage, they haunt the Elemental Planes and destroy and all in their path. (2 per deck)

Cave In


Whether or not Therazane has the ability to cause cave-ins at will, I have no idea. Probably. Who knows. (2 per deck)

Resonating Crystals


Notice those Mana Crystals are not empty. The ramp is real. (2 per deck)

Stone Lord


The Stone Lords are the elite group of colossal Earth Elementals who are second only to Therazane herself. These giants meet in the Stonemother’s Throne Room and advise the Elemental Lord of Earth as to what the best course of action would be regarding certain social conflicts. (2 per deck)

Stone Soldier


I always liked the idea of a minion who after dying just splits into two minions with stats that add up to the original. This guy is one half of the Stone Lord, and not part of the deck. (Token)



See above. (Token)

Stonemother’s Blessing


As I told you before, this deck is all about soaking up everything your opponent dishes out until they run out of steam or until you have enough resources that you can take the offensive and go in for the kill. This will help with that stalling a lot. (2 per deck)

Mountainous Defender


Sometimes I wonder why it is the Hearthstone team hasn’t yet experimented with some more outlandish triggers for some cards. Joust was kind of a step in the right direction but was too random and unreliable to be useful. Maybe this is the same, but I think it is a little more controllable than Jousting. Kind of like playing around Goblin Sapper, but for your own cards rather than your opponent’s. (2 per deck)

The Earthen Army


Now, just saying, I think this is my favorite card in the deck personally. I really like Arch Thief Rafaam because of the weird exclusive Discovery, and this is kind of similar. The only difference is that each of the Earthen Warriors cost 0 when in your hand, so it’s not like your paying for them twice. (2 per deck)


That info-graphic though. Really proud of this one, it came out much better than I thought it would. Also each of the cards’ art is very disticnt, which I like a lot. Choose which one works best in your current situation. (Tokens)

Chieftain Scarvash


It’s like Loatheb, but more fleshy, hairy, and st- well… and probably just as stinky. Let’s be honest, neither of them have taken a shower, like, ever. (1 per deck)



The ultimate stalling device, kind of walls off your opponent’s ability to pump out damage until they trade into this guy. Also, yes, Bouldergut is in fact canon. Yep. Take that as you will. (1 per deck)

Mountain Champion


Though you have to be pretty low on Health (for this brawl) in order to get the heal, when you do it is fantastic. (2 per deck)



Rockbiter was a Mountain Giant who lived in a camp south of the Ruins of Ravenwood before mysteriously disappearing and potentially becoming corrupted. He actually has nothing to do with the Shaman ability Rockbiter Weapon whatsoever, but oh well. It still works. Don’t worry about it. (1 per deck)

Stone Dragon


Stone Dragons, much like the Storm Dragons of Skywall, actually might be the ancestors of dragons and might not be sentient. Anyway, I just wanted to clarify that Weapons, Spells, and Hero Powers are perfectly capable of killing this thing, just not enemy minions themselves. (2 per deck)



Princess of the Earth, Myzrael was corrupted and enslaved by the Old Gods long ago. When heroes found her imprisoned by Mountain Giants, she called for help in hopes of tricking the champions. Once the Mountain Giants were defeated and Myrael freed, she began causing havoc on the surface. Then, finally, she was defeated and entrapped beneath the Earth once again. (1 per deck)

Feldspar the Eternal


The gemstone colossi are among the greatest Earth Elementals ever to roam the caverns of Deepholm. Unimaginably massive and powerful, they protect the underground world from any mortals who may find a way to enter. Oh, and as far as heroes gaining Taunt — I think it’s a very interesting mechanic, as it protects your own minions but also puts your face in the line of fire for a LOT of damage. (1 per deck)



Again with the unimportant-lore-wise-but-really-cool-name syndrome, Avalanchion’s only dialogue ever involves him unintelligibly yelling about how much he wants to smash you into a little mortal puddle. Card concept is interesting, though. (1 per deck)

Princess Theradras


Long ago, Princess Theradras, daugher of Therazane, and Keeper Zaetar, first son of Cenarius, began a relationship in the mortal world and gave birth to the race known as centaurs. Sadly, the centaurs murdered Zaetar soon afterward, leaving Theradras alone to face the wrath of Cenarius. Grief stricken and nervous, she retreated to a hidden grove in which she watched over the body of her love until heroes came and struck down the Princess once she was corrupted by the Old Gods. (1 per deck)



Finally, Deepholm is the Elemental Plane of Earth in which Therazane and the Earth Elementals reside following their defeat at the hands of the Titans. There they kept watch to make sure no other races entered that were not made of stone. In it, troggs and earthen live alongside the stone elementals that serve Therazane. (1 per deck)

Which Elemental Lord is your favorite in the “Elemental Sundering”? Who do you think would win? Sound off in the comments.

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