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Lucifer #3 Review

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Lucifer #3 Review

One of the cooler aspects of characters like Lucifer, Sandman or Dream is that they have such rich histories. Writers can take what they want from lore and myth and use it (or not). That makes for a character that is compelling for a variety of reasons. So far the mystery of who killed God continues this week, but is it good?

Lucifer #3 (DC Comics)

Lucifer #3 Review

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Lucifer and Gabriel are attempting to uncover who killed God and they’ve gone to Hell to ask some questions. This issue they enter Dream, but in some ways this story isn’t about them at all.

Why does this book matter?

Holly Black has written one hell of a story so far. Crosscutting between a woman being tempted by demons to do evil things and Lucifer, she’s been able to keep the story interesting and easy to follow. That said it’s incredibly complex and rich too.

Lucifer #3 Review
A killer story. Literally.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Black completely took me by surprise with this issue. While I was expecting more Gabriel and Lucifer banter back and forth, instead we’re given a story of myth and creation centered on the god Azazel. The story is told to them by another character, but is very important to their journey. Think of it as two characters entering a bar and getting an incredible story of legend and having that story be true. This tale is fascinating, compelling and disturbing all in one. It’s a real treat and worth a look even for those who haven’t read the previous issues.

This story crosscuts with our lady who’s been tempted by demons and doing very bad things. Before we get to her though we’re delivered a story that seems completely unrelated. The surprise of this story might shock some since we’re into issue three and meeting a terribly sad character who appears to be unrelated, but stick with it as it’s very much worth the wait.

The art by Lee Garbett continues to great. The scenes in Dream use more Gabriel violence to convey the sick and twisted nature of the story. The Azazel scenes are top notch and really suit the storybook style as the tale is being told. There’s a wispy flowing border of these scenes that helps lift it up from the other sequences too. I can imagine some might take issue with a moment where a child is attacked, but I think Garbett does a good job using this awful, disgusting moment to show how evil the character has become. This is an adult book after all and I think Garbett nails the adult themes like this, nudity and gore quite well.

It can’t be perfect can it?

I haven’t read much of Lucifer in the DC universe so a few new faces were a bit of a surprise to me. That made me confused as to their relation to other characters, but really that’s on me and not the creators. That said they could have done a bit more to help ease new readers like me into the stories.

While I know this story takes place in Dream I was still a bit confused to the wardrobe change of Lucifer at one point. Not enough was really done to show this world was magic and anything can happen at once visually.

Lucifer #3 Review
A very sad side story.

Is It Good?

Another solid issue that’s not quite as perfect as the last (because that was perfect), but still highly entertaining. If you’re into myth and lore you’ll love this issue.

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