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Bloodshot Reborn #11 Review

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Bloodshot Reborn #11 Review

Some would argue one of the best elements of comic books is how they can jump ahead in time, play around with what if scenarios and show us a different side of a hero when pushed in an extreme direction. This series shows us Bloodshot 30 years into the future and the future is not a friendly place. X-O Manowar armors are running the show in LA and Bloodshot wants none of it. Unfortunately for him the bad guys always seem to bring a ruckus to the good guy’s home turf.

Last issue was fantastic, so can this issue keep up the pace? Is it good?

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Bloodshot Reborn #11 (Valiant Entertainment)

Bloodshot Reborn #11 Review

Ninjak is on a mission to recruit Bloodshot now that an advanced form of the Bloodshot nanites known as “Goo” is running the show. Ninjak is certain someone is controlling Goo as the once protective stuff is now killing the heroes off. All Bloodshot wants to do is water his crops and keep his small community alive. He was on his way back from picking up water when he was attacked. This issue opens there.

Why does this book matter?

The sci-fi dystopian setting is one I could read over and over and this issue of Bloodshot Reborn delivers in that regard once more. The water is dried up which has forced Bloodshot to survive. Jeff Lemire has written a Mad Max sort of tale here but with superpowers. Really, is there any better combo?

Bloodshot Reborn #11 Review
Run kid!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Lewis Larosa on art is a big help in creating a sense of drama and epic nature to the story. The book opens with an intense action sequence with Ninjak and other Valiant heroes attempting to save lives and it’s made more intense by Larosa’s ability to draw a lot of fleeing civilians, characters interacting with one another and a bunch of heroes all fighting at once. Like something out of Avengers this issue opens like a team book and quickly devolves from there. Throughout the issue Larosa has a keen ability to draw faces that look almost real. It goes a long way in drumming up the drama.

Drama that includes Lemire masterfully building up Bloodshot’s reluctant hero persona now that he’s settled down — it’s fun to read the dialogue between he and Ninjak as the former refuses to team up. Lemire reminds us of the love Bloodshot has for his wife with a well placed flashback that makes the concluding pages all the more painful for the hero. Ultimately this is the big call to action and adventure in the hero’s journey and it works.

It can’t be perfect can it?

That said if you didn’t see how this issue would play out a step before it played out you just don’t know storytelling. There was no doubt what Bloodshot would find when he got back to his community nor any doubt what his answer would be to Ninjak by the end of the story. In some sense Lemire has to tell this aspect of the story, but devoting a whole issue to it made it a bit boring. It also lacked the cool big ideas from the first issue, but maybe he’s saving those for when the big bad villain behind it all reveals himself.

Bloodshot Reborn #11 Review

Is It Good?

A good issue with action and drama and looks that could kill. It plays out as you’d expect though which makes this issue lack the surprises and the punch the first issue had.

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