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Justice League #48 Review

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Justice League #48 Review

Darkseid War is nearing its end with two more issues following this week’s #48. Last month the Crime Syndicate was broken out of maximum security prison as they’re the Justice League’s only hope to overcome the end of the world. Is it good?

Justice League #48 (DC Comics)

Justice League #48 Review

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If you don’t know, the Crime Syndicate is an evil version of the Justice League from another dimension. Created by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, they’ve got an edge to them that’s twisted. The heroes have been given godlike powers and must stop the Crime Syndicate’s ultimate nemesis, the Anti-Monitor.

Why does this book matter?

Geoff Johns has written one epic event series here. Sure it’s going on outside the main events of the DCU right now, but with the help of Jason Fabok the title has offered a high profile artistic style with stakes that are very high. Slapping the Crime Syndicate into the story gives it an edge and the ability to surprise us (because who doesn’t like a version of Superman who eats Kryptonite to get his powers?).

Justice League #48 Review
We open the story here.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Johns tactfully opens this with a stand off between the good and bad Justice League teams. They need to make a deal, but of course the JL isn’t very confident the Crime Syndicate will follow through. At the same time the CS Superman is detoxing and wants to eat the Kryptonite Superman is waving in his face. It’s a tense scene and it sets up the uncertainty of this team up.

The rest of the issue is a battle between shadow creature minions of Mobius and Mobius himself. We get to see a bit of a rescue operation and eventually some Green Lantern battling. In fact if you are a Green Lantern fan you should dig this issue as this character comes with a few surprises. There’s also a fantastic moment where Hal Jordan reflects on the Crime Syndicate version’s evil pleasure in innocent characters dying. Those looking for a big moment will definitely get one too.

But when it comes to Fabok’s art every moment feels like a big one. The detail he instills in every panel is quite nice (and sometimes I get David Finch vibes from it) and the use of energy is outstanding. When the heroes get to saving lives there’s a white blast that the shadow characters fly around in that’s quite nice to look at. Mobius has some fantastic panels as well and you’ll never doubt his superiority even though he’s just one guy against two teams of superheroes.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Like most event books this issue feels like it doesn’t get too far with the story before its end. That said there are plenty of big moments and the cliffhanger should get us all ramped up for the next issue.

Justice League #48 Review
It’s a stand off of sorts.

Is It Good?

Big event series need to be more like this. Sure the story doesn’t go too far, but damn is it epic and it’s filled with moments that’ll get you talking at the water cooler.


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