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Green Lantern #50 Review

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Green Lantern #50 Review

We have reached the 50th issue of Green Lantern since the New 52 sprung a whole new world on us. Writer Robert Venditti has been writing us closer to a face off between Hal Jordan and…Hal Jordan? This issue brings the pain, but is it good?

Green Lantern #50 (DC Comics)

Green Lantern #50 Review

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This issue opens with Hal witnessing the destruction of his home city but also a glorious rebirth. He doesn’t know how it has happened, but all he does know is he will never let it fall into rubble again.

Why does this book matter?

Venditti has been building this story towards this very issue teasing a Parallax version of Hal Jordan who has been on his way to Earth for quite some time. Meanwhile a younger-looking Hal is enjoying spending time with his brother and his brother’s family. He’s trying to keep them safe, but also trying to be the uncle he was never good at being. There’s a touching story at play here and a hell of a lot at stake.

Green Lantern #50 Review
How sad.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

If you’re looking for a fight comic you are coming to the right place. Artists Billy Tan and Vicente Cifuentes capitalize on our two Hals coming to blows quite well. There’s plenty of cool, green energy flowing from these Lanterns: giant fists, bulls and a plethora of monsters ready to eat faces — just to name some. This book reads like a collection of pin ups and splash pages that make the 50th issue feel big and important.

At the same time they are fighting for what is most important to them: family. Both Hals have good reason to fight — the one from our universe has quickly built a new life with his brother that he aims to protect to the dying end. Meanwhile Hal from another Earth, Parallax Hal, wants to preserve and take all of this for himself. Using the power of hundreds of rings he aims to do it.

Which brings up another cool element of this issue and that’s power set. Both characters are quite powerful, from our Earth’s Hal’s glove that harbors the power of 5 rings to other Earth Hal and his multitude of rings. It’s interesting to see them in action, but there’s also a major cliffhanger that seems to prove power sets may be changing quite a bit very soon. That’s exciting.

Overall the art is solid, especially the powers of the Green Lantern, although there times things are a little less finished looking.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Case in point with the art, other Earth Hal’s teeth. They become sharp and jagged at one point which is disturbing sure, but also kind of funny looking at times. The earlier pages feel a bit boring and could have been spruced up by the art as well. There’s a double page spread with Hal observing his city that’s downright boring for instance. The city isn’t bad per se, but there isn’t much to look at besides blank looking buildings and the back of Hal Jordan.

While I understand why Venditti spends 5 pages showing Hal chilling with his brother/brother’s family — it does seem to go on for too long. If you’ve been reading this series much of what these pages do is reassert his devotion to his brother’s family, which we already knew about. It’s great fun to look at, but ultimately this is one long case of a plot that progresses very little. Except for that crazy cliffhanger that is.

Green Lantern #50 Review
The art is a bit…meh, at times.

Is It Good?

As bombastic and action packed as anyone could ask a 50th issue to be. Sure it lacks the plot progression and character development that’d make it excellent, but it’s still fun. Come for the awesome power of Green Lantern!

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