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Superman: Coming of the Supermen #3 Review

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Superman: Coming of the Supermen #3 Review

If you’ve never tried picking up a comic from the golden or silver age and given it a whirl I highly recommend it; you’ll be in for a treat as the storytelling and art is nothing like it is today.

Neal Adams’ at and writing in Superman: Coming of the Supermen thus far has been a throwback to this old school campy feel; so far I’ve enjoyed it, but can this material sustain the classic tone? Is it good?

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Superman: Coming of the Supermen #3 (DC Comics)

Superman: Coming of the Supermen #3 Review
Apparently Superman’s blood is sticky.

Considering how confused I am as to what’s going on let’s let DC Comics’ solicit do the work:

As Superman tries to find answers as to why Darkseid’s son, Kalibak, has kidnapped a young Middle-Eastern boy and his dog, three other Kryptonians have come to watch over Earth. Meanwhile, the planet Nibiru, which became New Krypton for the liberated Kandorians, is preparing to host Darkseid as he attempts to subjugate their world to make it his New Apokolips.

Why does this book matter?

Neal Adams writing and drawing a comic book series doesn’t come every day. Plus we get a version of Superman that says, “Wassup!” Seriously what a trippy comic this has been!


Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

I continue to enjoy the look of this book as Adams brings an in your face style that may be a bit undercooked (and rough around the edges) but still a lot of fun. Where else can you get an image of Lex Luthor on his knees crying about the weight of his gauntlets? Or how about Superman decking Kalibak with a huge grin on his face? Seriously this comic needs to be seen to be believed!

Though the dialogue is silly at best and outrageous for the most part it’s still fun. Call me crazy, but to see Lois say, “Sup–damn!” And then follow that up with an oldschool world balloon that reads “Oh..he takes my breath away” is just so cooky and different it’ll bring a smile to your face. At this point I’m not taking any of this seriously and serving as some kind of commentary on the heyday of superhero comics it’s a lot of fun.

It can’t be perfect can it?

But god is this dialogue awful! Lines like, “I can do that! I can do that now…backing away. What is your plan?” Is just so overdone it makes you groan. Or how about a moment where Lois sneaks onto Superman’s spaceship (not even getting into how dumb that sounds to begin with) and Superman says to Lois, “Trying to keep you from stowing away has become a lot like a video game.” What? Did he really just say that? Or how about a moment where Superman faces Kalibak for what appears to be the 5th time (seriously this comic is on a loop of Superman punching a villain only to have them get up and have him punch them again) saying, “Can’t you people stifle that smelly overgrown slug?” It’s all just too much.

All of this dialogue rests on a story that’s incomprehensible. Characters clearly say things that have no basis on reason so why not their actions too? Why for instance is Krypton even in existence? Or for that matter why is Darkseid teaming up with Lex Luthor? Let’s not even bring up the Supermen because there is no rhyme or reason to their existence let alone how they knew to wear matching Superman outfits. Early on this was fun and silly, but it’s become a mess that you laugh at more than laugh with.

Superman: Coming of the Supermen #3 Review
Superman flies off the handle quite a bit in this series.

Is It Good?

Outrageous dialogue, incomprehensible character moments, and a plot that is becoming a chore to understand can’t save this book. If you can enjoy it for it’s over the top campy nature you might like it, but after 3 issues it’s beginning to wear on me.

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