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Adventures of Supergirl #2 Review

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Adventures of Supergirl #2 Review

This digital-first series gets a second issue which essentially collects the digital issues into paper form. The first issue was fresh and fun, but how is issue #2? Is it good?

Adventures of Supergirl #2 (DC Comics)

Adventures of Supergirl #2 Review

So what’s it about? The official DC summary of this issue reads:

In this issue, National City PD’s SWAT team raids the CATCO building—and they’ve come for Winn! Kara’s convinced her friend is no digital terrorist, but the evidence seems ironclad.

Why does this book matter?
Rampage rampaged and Supergirl took her out in the last issue and we were given an interesting backstory on her in the process too. Most importantly, Supergirl’s character was easy to relate to and enjoy. Writer Sterling Gates clearly has a handle on her and that’s the most important thing in making a consistently good comic.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?
Supergirl must fight a computer hacker (coincidentally, Cyborg is too this week), which means her friends are dragged into her battle. That’s because she’s not exactly a hacker herself, but that’s part of the point and Gates makes this premise believable and easy to follow. The topic of secret identities is introduced due to the nature of the internet and that makes for a solid connection to a superhero like Supergirl who has a secret identity of her own. Gates manages to bring into question Supergirl’s newness to the superhero business too, based on her actions which also works well.

The villain behind it all–I’ll keep the name a secret to avoid spoilers–is a nice mid-level villain to work with. Gates makes him all kinds of creepy which helps serve the premise that the internet is composed of egocentric jerks who are all kinds of creepy. If you count Supergirl’s boss as a villain she too gets a moment in this book (she wasn’t in the last issue) and in half a page Gates makes it loud and clear who she is and why she stinks.

Adventures of Supergirl #2 Review
Love this artist on Supergirl.

Gates is accompanied by artist Jonboy Meyers for the first half and Pop Mhan in the second half and while their styles are completely different they change at an opportune time in the story. Meyers’ art is very sharp and renders Supergirl like some kind of supermodel with big flowing hair. It looks great and is reminiscent of the 90’s style as it’s detailed yet also a bit cartoony. It’s very pleasing to the eye and I’d love to see him do an issue with more Supergirl flying around. The cape Meyers draws is quite cool with an angular look that adds a lot of depth. Mhan brings a darker moodier vibe that suits the chapter as things get a little freaky as the villain possesses Supergirl’s friend. It’s not quite as eye-catching, but it certainly feels more grounded in reality which brings with it a sense of drama more akin to a TV show.

It can’t be perfect can it?
For the most part this issue is less about Supergirl and more about her friends saving the day. Considering she isn’t a hacker that makes sense, but when you count the ways she was heroic it comes down to a punch and two rescues. With Supergirl sharing the pages with three different friends it’s no surprise her character doesn’t shine through quite as well as it did in the first issue either.

Adventures of Supergirl #2 Review
I didn’t know a thing about doxxing until this issue.

Is It Good?

Hacker-centric storytelling is hard to pull off, but Gates does a good job keeping things interesting in this issue. Supergirl herself is lacking though, as she must fight for page time between two supporting characters, which makes this read like a good non-Supergirl story more than anything else. It’s safe to say this series is in good hands every month with tight character driven storytelling.

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