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Bloodlines #3 Review

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Bloodlines #3 Review

So often reading comics in the single issue format can be frustrating, because so many are written in such a way that can make one issue feel unbalanced or lacking, but when you read the whole run together it makes much more sense. I fear that could be happening with Bloodlines, but let’s take a look at issue #3. Is it good?

Bloodlines #3 (DC Comics)

Bloodlines #3 Review

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Teenagers are getting powers from meteorites, but bigger threats loom! What is DC Comics’ official summary for this issue?

Eddie, Albert, and Dana search for answers about what is happening to them—but the truth may be worse than they can imagine. Plus, Duncan already lost his family to the secret alien infestation, and now he’s driven to get a little payback. Time for some mercy killing.

Why does this book matter?

A brand new series from DC Comics about average teens getting superpowers…sounds like a story we can all get behind. So far writer J.T. Krul has been able to make each character unique and genuine while also imbuing them with insane powers. A very creepy young girl gained powers too, and that kicked this series up a notch last month.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Things seem to be progressing much faster this issue as the characters with powers are beginning to meet each other and figure out what is going on. A mysterious stranger introduced at the end of the last issue gets a much needed flashback backstory as well, and an immediate threat begins to emerge. It appears the character development is put on hold for now as things progress and move these characters into each other’s circles which makes for more entertaining reading.

Bloodlines #3 Review
Love the 90s vibes of the art.

Artist V Ken Marion continues to draw in a very 90s style way with plenty of detail, tight shirts for the ladies, and cool energy blasts along the way. One of my favorite pages shows an X-ray of one of the kids and, upon closer inspection, the things growing inside of him. It’s a neat way to show the alien growths, but also makes our hero look vulnerable. Sure, the blonde girl is drawn with a shirt showing off the belly and shorts that are basically bikini bottoms, but there’s something about it that brings me back to the 90s I really love.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Wow, things are moving quite fast all of a sudden! For the first two issues we were introduced to each character relatively slowly as we witness them experiencing their transformation. This issue however is thrusting them together quite quickly which makes for a pacing issue that made me do a double take. I felt as though I might have missed an issue, but at the same time other characters aren’t even around. Specifically I mean the little girl, who is clearly out of her mind. She was the best part of the last issue but is nowhere to be found here.

The best thing about this series, character development, takes a back seat this issue, possibly because of this quick thrust forward. Because characters are being introduced to each other there’s less introspection on the singular characters which is unfortunate. There’s some reflection since they’re commenting on each other, but it’s not quite as impactful this go around. Clearly things are ramping up to a conflict that’ll involve all our heroes, but I’m not sure I know some of these characters enough to care if they enter a fray and not make it out in the end.

Bloodlines #3 Review
Come on lady, put your back into it!

Is It Good?

Much like 90s comics it looks pretty good, but the story isn’t strong enough to warrant a read. The cover is incredibly misleading as it suggests some superhero action–which is certainly coming in future issues based on the narrative here–but for the most part this is a transition issue that’s all about getting characters from point A to point B.

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