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Bloodlines #4 Review

What would you do if an alien had connected itself to your spine and gave you powers? Okay, now what would you do if you found out said alien is going to turn you into a raving monster? Not as great, eh? That’s the basic premise of Bloodlines, which so far has been pretty entertaining. But how is this issue? Is it good?

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Bloodlines #4 (DC Comics)

So what’s it about? The official summary reads:

It’s carnage on the 50-yard line! As Eddie, Albert, and Dana try to deal with the enemy aliens gestating in their bodies, a more immediate threat strikes during the high school football game. Now is the time in BLOODLINES when the monsters come out to play.

Why does this book matter?

First and foremost the characters each have a unique voice, are of different ages, and give the reader a unique take on how people of different types will react to powers. Plus this series has a 90’s feel due to the sharp, detailed art.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

This character keeps stealing the show!

The summary says it all with this issue and if you’re interested in strangers coming together to destroy a threat using powers they barely know how to use, then this is for you. J.T. Krul opens the issue in a haunting way with our purple powered and sadistic little girl eating ice cream amongst murdered bodies. It’s a nice surprise and reminds us the most interesting psycho is still lingering for our protagonists to conquer. There’s more action from there, characters bond over their predicament, and it becomes more clear some characters see this as a curse instead of a blessing. The pieces are moving into place well and their dynamics continue to intrigue. Plus, that cliffhanger!

Artist Ken Marion draws yet another detailed issue (when glass breaks you see every shard!) with plenty of energy blasts and sharp blades for our heroes to wield. Really it’s quite something to pick this up in 2016 as it reminds me of Mark Silvestri’s work. Likewise the females are probably too sexualized for the current modern era, but they look proportionate all the same.

It can’t be perfect can it?

My biggest gripe with this issue was the savior character Duncan who keeps running in, guns ablazing, screaming cliched tough guy stuff to these kids. He enters this issue trying to kill two of the protagonists while they are in bed only for them to befriend him a page or two later. Sure he might have answers, but the guy doesn’t even try to play nice and there’s no reason to trust him. It’s nice that he’s joined the group so things can move forward in a more meaningful way, but he’s poorly used once again here.

In the grand scheme of things there’s a lot of action, but not a lot of plot progression in this issue. Characters are moved from point A to point B, and some points of view on the powers are made, but all in all it’s mostly action.

She just said that to set up that dialogue.

Is It Good?

Another good issue which reminds us not everyone is born a hero.


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