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Into the Suck #1 Review

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Into the Suck #1 Review

We here at AiPT! had the opportunity to review the recent successfully funded Kickstarter for the comic Into the Suck. With a title like that it better be good, but is it good?

Into the Suck #1

Into the Suck #1 Review

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So what’s it about? The official Oni summary reads:

Ursula Stormholder was raised by pirates with a chip on her shoulder the size of Uranus, but for the right price, she just may save the universe. Ursula Stormholder is the complete package: Beauty and the Beast. The daughter of the most feared pirate in space, she makes her living as a privateer. Pick up, delivery, and the occasional kidnapping are among the list of services she offers. While trying to make a living, she is also making a reputation for herself outside of her father’s shadow. It’s not necessarily a good one. She has friends and enemies at every port, not equally proportionate.

Why does this book matter?

Supporting indie comics is important as the new, up and coming writers and artists can use all the help they can get in getting the word out. This is no exception and with a cover like the one it has, it’s tough not to pay attention.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Into the Suck #1 Review
There are a few funny moments.

Though you might think this is the kind of series with a sexy protagonist who’s all boobs and no brains you’d be wrong; so often comics are about T&A but I am happy to report that’s not what this comic is about. Writer Keith Thomas opens the issue establishing the type of universe we’re in and it’s more akin to Star Wars as pirates and nefarious acts are going on all the time. The rich live in peace, but for most aliens and humanoids alike life is hard. The main plot utilizes a MacGuffin to set her off on her journey, but along the way we’re introduced to a funny, paper pushing alien, a threat that knows how to fight, and a co-pilot that’s as inventive as he is cute. It all wraps up with a huge twist I won’t spoil here, but it’s a satisfying turn of events that’ll make you wish the second issue was already here.

Thomas does write a few T&A type scenes, but he reminds us that Ursula’s not your typical coy damsel at all, as she exudes strength and sexual prowess throughout the issue. The character serves as a rough and tumble type we’ve seen before though she has a chip on her shoulder most folks will enjoy.

Artist C.B. Zane simply put knocks this one out of the park. Just look at that gorgeous cover! The opening page perfectly sets up a bigger picture of the type of space universe we’re in, costumes are highly detailed and the effects look great too. I particularly liked a blur effect that’s used in a full page spread to highlight the protagonist. The layouts are composed well too mixing things up and keeping things interesting.

Into the Suck #1 Review
Cool blur effect.

The colors by Oracle are nice too with some neat glow effects and a gorgeous tattoo that positively pops off a character in one scene. The skin on the characters looks quite nice too with a realistic look and the protagonists hair looks as vivid as a nebula.

It can’t be perfect can it?

There are themes in this issue you’ve seen before, the main character isn’t quite defined quite yet, and it’s mostly all plot set up which makes this issue fun, but not Earth shattering. This is the first issue though (with a planned 5 more to go), so it’s too early to really pull the trigger on these issues.

Is It Good?

Into the Suck #1 is a lot of fun. The art is detailed and eye catching, the main character easy to instantly root for, and the art is jaw droppingly good. On top of it all there’s a surprise at the end of the issue that makes you want more.

You can buy this comic and support the Kickstarter here.

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