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Rick and Morty #16 Review

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Rick and Morty #16 Review

Rick and Morty are back this week, on the tail of a fun San Diego Comic Con exclusive video. This series is our only respite from the lack of the amazingly good TV show, but is it good?

Rick and Morty #16 (Oni Press)

Rick and Morty #16 Review

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Why does this book matter?

Kyle Starks writes this issue and if the name is unfamiliar, shame on you. He wrote possibly the funniest graphic novel I’ve ever read (and our resident comic reviewer Greg Silber loved the heck out of it) that proved ultraviolence can be funny. Rick and Morty fans know that ultraviolence is one of the best elements of the show. It can’t lose!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Rick and Morty #16 Review

Holy crap this is the funniest Rick and Morty comic I’ve read since issue #5. It also involves some trippy science fiction elements (flying baby seals!) that make this series so great, fantastic barbs by Rick about Morty, and even Summer gets a few good scenes as well. Without a doubt, Starks has written a very well paced issue with great comedic timing, a good amount of jokes per page, and a crazy wacky adventure for Rick and Morty to go on too. There’s also plenty of references to the butt/sexual stuff Rick makes Morty do (a favorite running gag of mine), a new character that deserves a famous celebrity to voice it, and there’s even a fantastic use of a catch phrase!

This issue also has the gravitas and dialogue from the show down pat. By the end of the issue I pondered whether this could be directly adapted into an episode and I’m pretty sure it could. It’s also the first part of a multi-part story so we have more to look forward to from Starks as well.

To cap that off, the backup written and drawn by Marc Ellerby (with letters by Crank!) pits Rick and his daughter Beth on an adventure that’s all kinds of disturbing. The art in this story is a bit more detailed and it does well to mimic all our favorite Rick poses and facial expressions.

The art by CJ Cannon is his usual high quality stuff. The characters look very close to their cartoon counterparts which helps make this comic feel like a lost episode. The alien seals are also hilariously cute and somewhat sexual which helps add to the comedy of the situation. If you ever wanted to see a baby seal with two full buttcheeks you’ve come to the right place. Again, the pace is very good in this issue and you’ll never get bored and some of that is due to the art’s comedic timing.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Nothing. This is pretty perfect for Rick and Morty fans and non fans alike.

Rick and Morty #16 Review
Dear lord…

Is It Good?

The funniest entertainment you’ll find all week and probably all month. It’s like a lost episode of Rick and Morty that only requires you do the voices in your head.

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