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Legends of Tomorrow #6 Review

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Legends of Tomorrow #6 Review

All good things must come to an end and that includes stories in comic books. Legends of Tomorrow has all four stories wrap things up this week, but is it good?

Legends of Tomorrow #6 (DC Comics)

Legends of Tomorrow #6 Review

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So what’s it about? This comic contains four 20 page stories for $7.99. Basically you’re getting the content of four comics for the price of two. Each story involves a different group of characters that aren’t connected. As an anthology series you get all sorts of tales about characters that are slightly lesser known in the DCU.

Why does this book matter?

Those tales include two human superhero detectives named Sugar and Spike, super powered metal men, a man who can change his body into any chemical or density and a boy who shares his power with someone else and appears to be on fire.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Legends of Tomorrow #6 Review
Well, things just got a hell of a lot more interesting.

As far as finales are concerned all of these stories end in an adequate way. They may not all pay off equally well, but there are endings that will entertain on some sort of level. They all also stick with what they’ve been doing from the get go, so if you’re worried your favorite of the bunch will shift gears to wrap things up don’t worry at all.

Once again, Sugar and Spike is my favorite story as it has the fantastic Bilquis Evely art. Her style is reminiscent of the classic Mary Worth comic strip in all its fine detail and fantastic facial expressions. That and the color by Mat Lopes and Ivan Plascencia give the story an older feel, which suits the story in this issue. This time Sugar and Spike must solve a time travelling mystery which not only pays homage to some classic DC tales, but gives Sugar and Spike a fantastic mystery to solve. Writer Keith Giffen does well to make every character in this story feel realistic, right down to a mover who’s parked in by the time travellers. It also continues to be just the right amount of humorous and there’s plenty of character work too.

The Metal Men story ends with extreme drama, a lot of deaths and a ton of action. It’s a flat out action fest and Yildiray Cinar does not disappoint on pencils. Trevor Scott on inks and Jeremy Colwell on color also do a lot of fantastic work making villain Chemo one frightening bad guy. Len Wein may have some corny dialogue in there, but this is going to be loved by anyone who loves classic comic book slug fests.

The Metamorpho story written and pencilled by Aaron Lopresti wraps things up, but also comes with a surprising twist. The bad guy certainly loses on multiple levels and there’s some well rendered choreographed action.

Finally, the Firestorm story brings a lot of action and plot threads to a satisfying conclusion. Writer Gerry Conway writes good high schooler banter and mid-action banter. The story escalates effectively, making this story feel like a bombastic summer action movie.

It can’t be perfect can it?

The Metamorpho story certainly fast forwards elements to get us to the end so in many respects it doesn’t feel earned. While it introduced some interesting ideas earlier in the series it falls flat to deliver any big mind bending ones here.

Maybe it’s personal preference, but while the Firestorm story was better than in previous issues, the characters still don’t resonate enough for me. They’re flat, too pure for their own good high schoolers, which hurts the story’s ability to make you care.

Legends of Tomorrow #6 Review
Yikes, he’s tough!

Is It Good?

These stories don’t end with a whimper, but a definitive bang. It’s safe to say when this series is collected it’s going to be a must buy as it does a lot of things well, not least of which is being one heck of a bang for your buck.

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