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Rumble #13 Review

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Rumble #13 Review


Rumble #13 (Image Comics)

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Ok, let me expand on that a smidge. Rumble, for those of you who don’t recall, is that old chestnut of a story about a legendary undead barbarian, resurrected in the body of a scarecrow, fighting the secret monsters that live in the shadows of our world to gain back control of his body and his heart–both of which are needed to fully resurrect him.

Also he has a buddy named Del Slaughter, who is the greatest comic relief character of all comic-dom.

You caught up? Ok, let’s do this:

Rumble #13 Review
Real talk? His mom’s death made it super dusty in here.

Issue #13 picks up with Rathraq’s human friend Bobby dealing with the loss of his mother. While he’s working through icky human emotions that have no place in a book about a barbarian hitting things, Del and Rathraq are currently being held by the cops…

I’m not including Del’s amazingly stupid plan to get out of custody, but Jesus I love that bald moron.

AND, while all this is rumbling, one of the shadowy beings that Rathraq spends his existence smiting has possessed his kickass barbarian body:

Rumble #13 Review
Since they cast him for everything else, can you see The Rock in this role?

While the evil Queen holds his heart hostage:

Rumble #13 Review

Is It Good?

I really love this series. I feel like the multiple storylines make this feel like a psychotic version of The Wire, where every character feels real, and fleshed out.

Add to that feeling the undercurrent of pure brutality that this book dishes out with an amazing fight scene every few pages, and you get all the plot and ass-kickery you could want.

Also, it’s a smart book. When the beasty who possessed Rathraq’s body decides to go after the Queen, he just wades in–but has no battle prowess, just the meat husk of a killer barbarian. Things do not go as he expects, but they do add another delicious plot twist for you to savor.

In short, if you are looking for a non-superhero, tightly plotted, hilarious story, this is it.

10/10. A++++ Would buy again.

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