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Bloodlines #6 Review

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Bloodlines #6 Review

This is the type of comic that brings the 90s right back into this decade with detailed art and teenage characters with attitude. So far the series has been just okay with a few bumps in the road, but how is the last issue? Is it good?

Bloodlines #6 (DC Comics)

Bloodlines #6 Review

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So what’s it about? Check out our full preview for an official summary.

Why does this book matter?

The premise of this series is solid as it reveals teenagers (and pre-teens) dealing with the very real alien changing them. A reboot of sorts of the original series, it perfectly expresses how growing up makes you feel different and changes you. Only this time it’s an alien growing on your spine. Yeesh.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Bloodlines #6 Review
Little harsh Haley.

Writer J.T. Krul opens the issue with Haley and Blake post-coitus in a flashback that lets us know they like each other a lot. Then we smash cut to Blake trying to kill Haley and that’s just tragic. It’s a nice sweet moment to get the reader in a place where they can be surprised and shocked as far as the state of things. The characters are in the alien den fighting to save their town while the villain controls their minds (he has powers too).

Krul gives the Eddie a heck of a lot to do in this issue as he punches his way to victory. Sean Persons (inks) and V. Ken Marion (pencils) do a good job establishing the size and ferocity of the alien behind it all as well as give Eddie plenty of heroic punching to do. The whole issue feels like the 90s is back with lots of muscular detail, cool looking energy blasts, and tentacles! There’s even an awesome uppercut for good measure. The closing epilogue is drawn well too, with plenty of angst and attitude all over the characters’ faces.

It can’t be perfect can it?

This is one of those comics that feels like it’s wrapping things up quickly because the run was cancelled. The priest villain wasn’t properly established which makes his appearance matter little here, as well as the big alien. It sure looks cool, but the gravity of the scenes isn’t established nor do they feel earned. Eddie being heroic and asking his friends to hang back means little (nor does it make sense why he’d need to “finish this”) and why the other characters listen makes little sense either. These characters barely know each other and we’ve barely seen them interact as a team so it simply feels lazy or rushed here. Later, Haley must make a choice of sorts and does something quite violent yet as the reader you feel nothing (similar to how she looks). Not enough was done to make you care about the characters so when they make choices or take action it just feels like it doesn’t matter.

It’s nice to see the journey continues in the final pages, but how they aren’t losing control is never explained, which makes the whole series feel like it was a series of plot choices rather than organic and believable events. Also, the characters technically won but nothing is said or explained as to how their winning mattered at all.

Bloodlines #6 Review
It’s hard to care about this.

Is It Good?

It’s hard to care about anything in this issue as not enough was established or earned to allow the reader to care much at all. If this series set out to establish this series of characters it has succeeded in establishing their powers yet barely scratched the surface of their characters. The entire series felt rushed or half baked, like a halfway decent CW show that ultimately served no purpose.

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