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Invincible Iron Man #13 Review

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Invincible Iron Man #13 Review

This issue takes place a little bit further in time than the actual event series, so maybe it can shed some light on what happens. Question is, is it good?

Invincible Iron Man (2015-) #13 (Marvel Comics)

Invincible Iron Man #13 Review

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So what’s it about? The official Marvel summary reads:

CIVIL WAR II TIE-IN! It’s the end of an era as the events of Civil War II come right to Tony Stark’s front door. Could this be the end of Iron Man as we know him.

Why does this book matter?

Considering this is written by the same guy who is writing Civil War II you know the title is more connected to the event than most tie-ins. Invincible Iron Man #13 also allows us to get inside Tony Stark’s head (he’s one of, if not, the major player in the event), which allows the reader to get an inside track on his side of things. Plus Dr. Doom is in it!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Brian Michael Bendis does quite a few things in this single issue, which all culminates in getting inside Tony Stark’s head and revealing where he is emotionally. At the same time, Bendis fleshes out his relationship with Dr. Doom and pushes them into a new direction that should be tantalizing for fans next month. Breaking the issue down, we have a resolution in regards to Tony and Amara, a key flashback that reestablishes Tony’s bro love for War Machine, and finally progressing things with Dr. Doom with bookend scenes with him.

The best moments in this issue fall in the flashback sequence that pits War Machine and Iron Man against Crimson Dynamo. This scene has an old school look and feel — replete with Iron Man naming off which of his systems is malfunctioning.

Invincible Iron Man #13 Review
Buck up tony.

The fact is, Bendis has an incredible handle of dialogue and pacing that out. He builds a scene up with what appears to be throwaway dialogue, but it ends up serving as a build up to bigger emotional beats. He scaffolds a scene to the point where you’re ready for a gasp or a sigh of relief depending on the emotional need of the scene.

Mike Deodato Jr. brings the dark moody art we’ve grown accustomed to from him. The work gives the issue a somber tone that suits the issue as it revolves around War Machine’s funeral. Again, the flashback is a bit of sunshine and brightness that helps convey the happy memory Tony is having of his best friend. Deodato Jr. also uses the repetitive panel here and there to enhance the depression Tony is going through too.

It can’t be perfect can it?

While there’s a lot happening and progressing, there aren’t really any answers which makes this issue a big tease. It’s a minor gripe, but it does make you reflect on the issue and wish it stopped teasing things and started progressing — but it’s deeply emotional so it makes sense.

Also, what is Deodato Jr.’s deal with drawing Doom as actor Vincent Cassel? I know this isn’t anything new, but it’s somewhat distracting at times.

Invincible Iron Man #13 Review
Throwback Thursday!

Is It Good?

Yes. Invincible Iron Man #13 is an emotionally charged issue that uses pace and dialogue to put you inside Tony Stark’s head.

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