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Earth 2: Society #16 Review

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Earth 2: Society #16 Review

The Ultra-Humanite is a weird looking dude. He’s basically a gorilla that stands upright with an exposed brain, which one has to assume leaves him quite vulnerable. In this very issue however, we get to see a hero claw at the thing and he’s perfectly fine. Wicked! That might be good, but as far as the issue in general, we must ask–is it good?

Earth 2: Society #16 (DC Comics)

Earth 2: Society #16 Review

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So what’s it about? The DC preview reads:

The Amazonian casket has the potential to remake Earth-2 and end the years of struggle and survival, but is using it too great a risk? The Ultrahumanite doesn’t care. In a last stand, the heroes must stop him from using it to shape a new reality where he is in control—or annihilate Earth-2 entirely. Don’t miss this turning point in Earth-2 history!

Why does this book matter?

Dan Abnett has written himself one intense build up with a lot of heroes dying and a villain who wants nothing but to torture those that stand in his way. If you read the annual issue last week, Abnett has also effectively given Batman additional reason to kick the Ultra-Humanite’s ass and you don’t want to miss that!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Earth 2: Society #16 Review
Uh oh…

If this issue is any indication you should never trust a Green Lantern. The Ultra-Humanite has basically weaponized him by getting into his head and much of this issue is Green Lantern tearing through the remaining heroes. With the help of artist Angel Hernandez (I flipping loved his run on Green Lantern/Star Trek last year) the creative team has written themselves one action packed issue. Heroes fall and Red Arrow practically steals the show, but the biggest win with this issue is the final page. Abnett and Hernandez craft not only a page that’s beautiful, but as epic as any comic conclusion you’ve seen before. It feels huge, deeply changing, and should not be missed. How Hernandez draws the final face will make you crazy in a good way, wishing the next issue was here already to see what just happened.

Back to Red Arrow though–Abnett flexes his dialogue muscles to show us how Red Arrow’s strength might just be his way with words. Or, his way with biding his time. We basically are witness to Red Arrow proving why he’s good enough to go toe to toe with supervillains (a theme heavily used in the annual) and it’s a convincing argument.

Hernandez does another fantastic issue and honestly I can’t believe this guy isn’t a regular artist on a primo book yet. The man understands how to draw wickedly good energy, which makes Flash and Green Arrow pop right off the page. Sound effects are awesome too, and the characters’ faces and expressions are great. The guy deserves to be the main artist on Green Lantern already! He also draws a mean Ultra-Humanite in this issue who’s brutal in how he fights. Truly, the fight sequence between he and the remaining heroes is bone crunching, like a bar room brawl.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Is it just me or is Green Lantern super overpowered in this issue? Eh, maybe it’s just me. The only other gripe I had was the lack of character work, but that’s because this an action packed issue.

Earth 2: Society #16 Review

Is It Good?

The sleeper superhero hit of 2016. Read this damn book and you’ll want all the back issues.

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