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Superman #7 Review

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Superman #7 Review

After a big, long brawl with Eradicator, the Superman family is going to need to take a break from the excitement. What better way than a trip to the county fair? Is it good?

Superman #7 (DC Comics)

Superman #7 Review

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The Breakdown

After the major events of the last arc, the latest issue of Superman is a step back in the action and excitement. The story shifts focus to Superman and his family deciding to have some fun at the county fair–something nice, relaxing, and simple with no real stakes involved. Plus, Clark promises not to do any superheroing so he can spend some time with Lois and Jon. While some people may not like the slow and uneventful nature of this issue, I found it a very welcome change of pace after such a big, long action-oriented arc. The comic puts more attention on the family and their dynamic on a normal day, allowing for some very nice character and very sweet moments, while also have some very funny bits and scenes. It also checked in with and introduced some of the side characters, expanding more on potential future storylines. It’s a short and sweet done in one that was just wonderfully written.

The writing by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason here was excellent. The characters were all characterized perfectly, and each moment and action they had fit their characters well. The dialogue was believable enough and there are plenty of good lines and exchanges between the characters, especially between the Superman family. The pacing was solid and kept the story moving at a nice, brisk speed, and never felt too slow moving. The writing was just great here with no real issues.

Superman #7 Review

The artwork for was handled by Jorge Jimenez, who drew the third issue of this Superman series. His art felt much more appropriate here–less intrusive and out of place next to Gleason’s work. It does a wonderful job depicting the bright and colorful setting of the county fair, backed up nicely by Alejandro Sanchez’s colors. The layouts were efficiently crafted, making the story easy to read and follow along with from beginning to end. The characters were drawn very well–very expressive and able to convey a lot of the emotion and humor (the final two pages were perfect). There’s a good amount of detail and most of the backgrounds were actually filled in as well. It’s just a fine looking comic and I hope to see Jimenez get another chance to draw more of the series again.

Is It Good?

Superman #7 was a simple issue about the Superman family having a night out at a county fair and yet, there was so much heart and humanity in it that I loved every second of it. The writing, the characters, and the terrific artwork really give this one-in-done story a great boost. All in all, this is easily one of the best single issues I read this year when it comes to comics. Definitely give it a read if you enjoy Superman and want something a little more down to Earth.

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