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Superman #9 Review

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Superman #9 Review

dTime to finish up the mini-story arc for the Superman title. How will Superman and his son escape their predicament? Is it good?

Superman #9 (DC Comics)

Superman #9 Review

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While Superman and Jon are looking over the final farewell message of the Losers in the cave, both of them are shocked to discover that Captain Storm is still alive! With him in tow, the three plan on figuring a way out of Dinosaur Island.

Spoiler Corner

Superman, Jon, and Storm head off in search of the teleporter that brought the family to the island. Reaching a distant location on the island, the three find the item they want, but it’s being guarded by a white gorilla and his dino minions. A gorilla who, strangely enough, has a similar piece of technology in its eye that the sea monster had earlier in the run.

Everyone fights off the monsters and Superman recovers the eye. However, when activating the teleporter, Storm is forced to stay behind to let Clark and Jon escape safely and prevent any of the dinosaurs to follow them back.

Returning back to their own world, Superman discovers that eye technology has gone missing, even though he was holding onto. The issue ends with a mysterious figure, quite possibly like the one who took Tim in Detective Comics, now holding the item in question.


Overall, this small arc was pretty fun. It was very quick and just kept things on the move for most of the time, only stopping to deal out some characterization for Captain Storm. While this quickness can be almost a bit of a double-edge sword since things don’t really get to play out as much as they should, it did work well for this simple story overall. The story works as a decent conclusion to the Losers’ story from Cooke’s New Frontier series (though if you are not familiar with it, the comic may not have the same impact for you) and also setting up for something big much later on in the main DC Universe. The ending was quite the surprise to say the least.

Doug Mahnke continues on as the artist for the comic and he does an alright job overall, doing even a bit better here than in the last issue. For one, his characters are drawn much better and the facial expressions are less unintentionally creepy looking. Sure, those things still pop up from time to time, like too many lines in a person’s face, but there are improvements here that make things pretty enjoyable to look at. The layouts are put together very well, the locations and details are quite impressive, the action is exciting looking, and the colors by Will Quintana are nicely done overall.

Most Memorable Moment

Superman #9 Review
You might be one of those stinkin’ dinosaurs in disguise!!!!

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