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Green Lanterns #10 Review

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Green Lanterns #10 Review

Green Lantern is a series that has changed and added new things nearly constantly in the last twenty years. From the concept of a White Lantern, to the Black Lanterns taking over and new wrinkles to the Guardians of the Universe, the story only seems to get more fleshed out every year. A new concept is being introduced in this series and it involves a new type of ring, but is it good?

Green Lanterns #10 (DC Comics)

Green Lanterns #10 Review

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So what’s it about? For that, check out our exclusive summary and preview.

Why does this book matter?

Sam Humphries is good for great character work that balances action and plot progression. He’s spent the first few issues making the two Green Lanterns of Earth bond in a genuine way so now it’s time to test their human weaknesses!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Green Lanterns #10 Review

This issue thrusts the reader right into the middle of a conflict between Simon and the Phantom Ring, which is a nice surprise. This issue is all about the Phantom Ring, the bad guys who want it, and the secret feelings Simon and Jessica have in regards to harnessing its power. The ring is truly bad, as it brings out the insecurities of people not because it’s powered to do so, but because a power like that naturally makes folks want it for the wrong reasons. That’s a cool way of tying their characters to this new element of the story.

Humphries also develops the bad guy’s story well who was introduced last issue. This time we get to see him get what he wants and there’s some subtle character work in regards to his wildcard persona. He’s already showing obsession and weakness because of it so it’ll be interesting to see how he is thwarted when given so much power.

Art by Eduardo Pansica with inks by Julio Ferreira and colors by Blond are great. They’re dark, which gives everything a darker tone (even the insane page below) and there’s a nice flair for the dramatic throughout. Simon and Jessica take on a burning building–a rather mundane challenge for a Green Lantern, but it looks great and is quite easy to follow. Another artist would have bungled this and made it boring filler.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Considering the reminder of a threat that could arrive at any moment it’s a bit convenient they are whisked off to save the people inside the burning building. Maybe it’s a way to show these Green Lanterns are new to this hero thing, but by now they should have known better. This element does have a filler feel to it too seeing as it takes up four pages, but then it does serve as a distraction for the bad guys.

Green Lanterns #10 Review

Is It Good?

If you were skeptical the Phantom Ring was a hokey storyline fear not, as this issue proves there’s a lot of action, ideas and character to explore yet.

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