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Superwoman #4 Review

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Superwoman #4 Review

While I was initially high on Superwoman, recent issues have brought it back down to earth. Superwoman perfectly exemplifies a series that requires bi-monthly issues, but is forced to pack its story into a single issue. Can issue four find a happy medium? Is it good?

Superwoman #4 (DC Comics)


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What’s it about?

This story continues chronicling the Lena’s ascension into villainy, but mainly focuses on Lana’s psychosis. However, while writer Phil Jimenez does his best to fill in the gaps, the storyline is pretty dependent on the events that took place in Action Comics #966 (so if you haven’t read it yet and have the opportunity to, be sure to check it out. The issue includes the same cast of characters, but does throw in yet another member of the immediate team at the end of the issue).

Things that “Wow”

First of all, the cover this week was one of the best DC put out thanks to the group of artistic talent that worked on it (Lupacchino, McCarthy, Anderson, and Jimenez). It’s apparent that for the art within the issue, Lupacchino has taken over sole responsibility leaving Jimenez to focus on the writing — which I believe is the best thing they could do for the series. While Luppachino provides a “softer” aesthetic, which is also contributed to by McCarthy’s inking style, he puts together some solid visuals and panel configurations. I’d like to see him take more chances when it comes to some splashes, but it’s hard to complain about what he’s putting out.


It Can’t Be Perfect Can It?

The sharp decline of the quality of writing continues as the issue is filled with hyperbolic outbursts, incredibly quick transitions, and an overwhelmed plotline with underwhelming content. I’m sure you’re thinking “OK Tyler, tell me how you really feel”, but I’m frustrated with how quickly this series went from impressive to subpar in just four issues. The amount of plotlines and subplots created from issue #1 was simply too much to maintain and rather than focusing on seeing them through, the creative team has taken on even more by drawing material from other series (Action Comics) which is the last thing it needs. Between Lena’s rise, Luthor’s fall, Lana’s mental stability, her eventual death, old Lois’ death, new Lois, Steel’s niece, Atomic Skull’s accusations, and Traci 13 — there’s simply too much going on and it has become distracting rather than engaging.

Is It Good?

The creative team took on a lot of material coming into the series’ very first story arc and now the series is consequently suffering. It’s time to cut the fat and dedicate to the most significant plotlines.

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