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Justice League #9 Review

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Justice League #9 Review

More often than not, Justice League is a title that aims to bring you big action and good teamwork. Character work isn’t quite as necessary because the title requires all of the might of the heroes to stop the threat at hand. This is the second issue in an arc that’s no different. Is it good?

Justice League #9 (DC Comics)

Justice League #9 Review

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So what’s it about? For the full DC summary just read this:

“OUTBREAK” part two! The Justice League is under attack from an unseen foe with a vendetta against Earth’s greatest heroes—someone with the power to reprogram Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz’s Green Lantern rings to kill any member of the Justice League.

Why does this book matter?

Bryan Hitch and Neil Edwards delivered an action packed story last issue with new ideas thrown in to ramp it up another notch. The heroes are forced to fight themselves and yet it feels unique and different. In this age of heroes fighting heroes seemingly all the time, that’s saying something!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Justice League #9 Review
Is this what LSD is like?

This issue basically pits the entire Justice League lineup against Simon Baz’s Green Lantern ring and it ain’t pretty. Since Batman is down for the count or more less (the entire Batcave was destroyed and left on top of him last issue) and Cyborg’s body is hacked and inoperable, that leaves Wonder Woman, Flash and Aquaman left to stop the green energy from killing them and entire swaths of people on Earth. Hitch has each character fight off the green energy the best way they know how and that’s a fun way to bring the spotlight on the heroes. Flash runs, Aquaman swims, and Wonder Woman uses shield and sword to take it to the energy straight on. That allows Hitch to reveal a bit of each character via captions and also never let this issue get boring.

Using Batman’s detective skills Hitch cleverly reveals who the culprit is behind these attacks. This allows Hitch to add a bit of an emotional undercurrent to the story so it’s not all action though it is very much mostly action.

Edwards does a fantastic job making all the action look big, bombastic, and fun. Flash is running up buildings and doing backflips to avoid death while Wonder Woman practically steals the show with her swings of her sword. Layouts are dynamic and interesting and eagle eyed readers need to keep their eyes open for the Animaniacs!

It can’t be perfect can it?

With big action stories sometimes comes big dumb plot holes and cliches. This issue has them and they’ll make you roll your eyes. It’s not so much that they make sense, but they’re cheap ways of stopping the enemy that are cheap. The next time I see a hero electrocute themselves to release the villain’s grasp on them so help me god.

Justice League #9 Review
Batman can really pull off the Spider-Man look.

Is It Good?

Big, fun action is at hand with Justice League #9. This series is a reminder superhero comics don’t all have to be introspective character dilemmas–they can be fun action for everyone.

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