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Suicide Squad #6 Review

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Suicide Squad #6 Review

Though they’re technically agents for good (for now), the Suicide Squad just brought a bomb back to American soil that could kill us all. No big deal, they do what they’re told… right?

Suicide Squad #6 (DC Comics)

Suicide Squad #6 Review

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So what’s it about? For the full DC summary just read this:

“THE BLACK VAULT” part six! With the secret of the Black Vault revealed, Rick Flag and Amanda Waller come to blows over what to actually do with it—assuming they can even control it! Can “The Wall” give up the deadliest weapon in the world—maybe in the galaxy? And what effect is the Vault having on everyone in Belle Reve?

Why does this book matter?

Jim Lee is drawing the main story so you know it’s rife with all kinds of detailed goodness. So far, Rob Williams has delivered an action packed story that gives all the characters moments to shine and the stakes feel bigger than ever. This is a good time to be a Suicide Squad fan!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Suicide Squad #6 Review
He needs a chill pill.

It’s getting trippy up in Amanda Waller’s secret base and the characters figure out why in this issue. As the story slowly unfolds, characters act more erratic and their nasty sides begin to shine through. Williams effectively takes a character like Zod – usually all violence and punching – and delivers plenty of character work by ramping up their insane notches to ten and beyond. Think about that for a second and then think what might happen to Harley and get excited. Harley comes out of this issue all the more interesting and you’ll be dying to see what happens next issue by the end.

Lee continues to draw a great series with no semblance of filler (like he did with Unchained Superman)., though the opening pages do lack backgrounds. While not all the characters get into an action mode, their perturbed facial expressions and body language are read loud and clear.

The backup is drawn by Carlos D’Anda and focuses on Killer Croc. I love how D’Anda draws Croc’s scales and terrible teeth, but he does even better when it comes to the flashbacks. Williams explores Croc’s early childhood and the events that turned him from scared bullied kid into criminal. The art has a cartoony and more innocent feel that suits the flashback sequence.

It can’t be perfect can it?

People are going to read this issue and maybe feel a bit ripped off. The main story certainly offers good art and an interesting twist, but it’s so damn short that barely anything progresses. It doesn’t help the first two pages aim to shock you, but not do much more than that. It’s hard not to see areas in the script that could have been told more efficiently in a panel or two rather than a page, but that’s decompressed storytelling I guess.

The backup is good, but doesn’t end quite as well as it should have. Williams seems to be suggesting Croc has a good side to him and wasn’t born completely bad, but the final panel almost negates all that came before it. Not enough is done to show the hurt and suffering Croc went through so you won’t buy into the idea that he’s bad because of the events in this issue.

Suicide Squad #6 Review
Work parties always go wrong!

Is It Good?

As a package, there isn’t a better Suicide Squad comic on the shelves today (and probably won’t be for a while). The characters are interesting, the action fast, and the stakes very high. The shorter main story hasn’t been much of a problem as of yet, though some decompression issues do make you wish there was more when the issue’s over. Unfortunately, in Suicide Squad #6 the story progresses very slowly and feels underbaked.

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