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Batman #12 Review

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Batman #12 Review

You know what’s missing from today’s day and age? Letter writing. No one sits down to write a good yarn to a friend anymore; they just e-mail and text.

Well, let me tell you: Batman and Catwoman are putting pen to paper yet again in Batman #12, and….oh i’m sorry I nodded off there for a second. Yeah. Exactly.

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Let’s dive in to yet another placeholder of an issue.

Batman #12 (DC Comics)


Last issue’s double (or is it triple?) cross by Catwoman was a bit of a surprise (while at the same time, not that surprising, as she’s generally always out for herself), but it was a well plotted twist, and an overall good story – this issue?


There’s two good ideas that try to come together, but end up falling flat for me.

First, Bat’s letter to Catwoman. Or “Cat,” as he affectionately refers to her. On one hand, it’s a well written plea for Cats to change her ways, and why Bats had to lock her up. On the other, it’s a TOTAL CONFESSION TO WHO BATMAN IS. Oh, hm, I wonder who had his parents killed, lets look in the pa…OH IT’S BRUCE WAYNE OBVIOUSLY. THE 6 FOOT 4 MONSTER BILLIONAIRE.


This is Clark Kent’s glasses. I understand that there’s a deep connection between Batman and Catwoman and vaunted writer Tom King is establishing that very well, but Bruce’s a man who protects his identity with all manner of gadgets and auto wiping technology, but he puts PEN TO PAPER to send a letter to a woman LOCKED IN JAIL, who will have every piece of correspondence read?


Now, while the letter plays out, Batman literally kicks the s--t out of an entire army.

That? That is AWESOME.


Except – we get no banter, no detail, no idea of Batman’s injuries, or his hurts that will be key when he steps up to fight Bane in the next issue – we are just stuck with the above quoted letter.

Overall, this issue was a disappointment. I assume the Ventriloquist, still waiting in a pipe somewhere, will swoop in and save the day next issue – or Catwoman will pull the rare quadruple cross, but a good premise in this issue has killed some of the momentum for that battle royale, by being just a little too simplistic.

5 out of 10.


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