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Nightwing #11 Review

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Nightwing #11 Review

Nighting only been in the town of Blüdhaven for a day, but he’s already become the focus of multiple groups — including the tourism bureau and some old Gotham villains.

Nothing’s quite what it seems in Blüdhaven, but does that include the quality of this story? Is it good?

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Nightwing #11 (DC Comics)

Nightwing #11 Review

So what’s it about? The summary reads:

“BLUDHAVEN” part two! They call themselves the Run-Offs! And now, this group of villains that Batman and Nightwing ran out of Gotham City plan to do the same to the former Boy Wonder! But can he find the serial killer terrorizing the city before the Run-Offs catch up with him?

Why does this book matter?

Tim Seeley has a very solid grasp of Nightwing. He demonstrated that last issue through some strong, insightful captions — an internal monologue that was clear and well written. That makes the things happening around the character much more realistic and heartfelt. If you like character work you can’t miss this.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Nightwing #11 Review
Superhero football player…maybe should have kept with the sports.

Nightwing #11 opens with a flashback to when Nightwing was Robin (complete with some classic, eye-roll-inducing Robin dialogue!) which, surprisingly, ties into the current events of Nightwing’s life. That opens up the issue to the other characters that have moved to Blüdhaven for new beginnings. Seeley establishes these Gotham villains well by using a support group to establish their wish to become better. Like Nightwing, they all just want to have a fresh start and ultimately find themselves.

You get a fantastic sense of that, especially in regards to Nightwing due to the continued use of well-written captions. Throughout the issue Nightwing reflects back on the days of Robin or the current mystery he’s attempting to solve. Add in his ruminations on the motivation to live in Blüdhaven and you have a lot of compelling elements to chew on. They also help make the issue feel more robust and well worth a read. Unlike most books these days, this issue takes a while to read through in a good way and it gives you plenty of bang for your buck.

Marcos To draws a great issue too. The characters are expertly emotive and the layouts a breeze to read with good pacing. Though there isn’t a lot of action in the issue there’s tension via character dynamics and you can see it via the art.

It can’t be perfect can it?

The issue lacks action, which is unfortunate, and makes you wish for a bit more though the detective work is compelling. Aside from that, there’s a panel where Nightwing has no mouth which was a tad jarring. The panel was simply unfinished very slightly, but it caught me off guard.

Nightwing #11 Review
Nice throwback.

Is It Good?

Nightwing #11 is a fine issue for lovers of character development. Tim Seeley introduces a slew of new characters that add a unique angle to the usually flat villain types. Blüdhaven is turning out to be a certifiable playground of story ideas.


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