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The Prowler #3 Review

Prowler’s in a pickle. In addition to the inner turmoil he feels about working with so many super villains, one of them is trying to kill him. As if that weren’t bad enough, he hasn’t taken his daily New U multivitamin in a long time…so long that his own body may end up killing him before Electro can.

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The Prowler #3 (Marvel Comics)


  • Ugh. Doesn’t anyone watch The Incredibles before turning into a super villain?
  • Either Hobby needs to switch to a new razor immediately, or his body is breaking down faster than I thought.
  • Now THAT’S how you get out of a death trap.
  • The Alacatraz gift shop kind of sucks.
  • BOOM!
  • Good thing she stuck around (or took her time escaping).

The Verdict

Once again, Jamal Campbell’s art is superb. Considering how much this issue features Electro kicking Hobie’s ass, we get plenty of opportunities for Campbell to show off his gorgeous lighting effects within the framework of his deftly rendered fight sequences.

Unfortunately, the story leaves something to be desired. While I really like the identifying voice Sean Ryan gives to Hobie, his message becomes redundant by the issue’s paradoxical (and far too convenient) end.

By the way, I really liked the ‘paradoxical’ part—I just didn’t like the all-too-easy way it happened.

Also, I get that this new version of Electro is a super villain rookie, but she makes some of the most ridiculously old school mistakes imaginable after putting Prowler on the ropes. Thankfully, Ryan does give us at least one confrontation where Hobie uses some Macgyver-esque inventor skills to save himself. Combine that with Campbell’s gorgeous artwork, and you’ve still got yourself a pretty good issue—just not nearly as good as this creative team can deliver.


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